• 1.Tire size


    Kenda non-slip puncture-resistant tires provide upgraded grip and traction, facilitating your riding on various terrains.

    Model Tire Size
    Cruiser 26''x4
    Cruiser Pro 26''x4
    Ocelot 20''x4''
    Ocelot Pro 20''x4''
    Jaguarandi 20''x4''
    Commuter 700C X 38C
    Deer 26''x4''

  • 2.Are the tires puncture resistant?


    It includes a rim reflector and a road hazard liner to guard against puncture.

  • 3.What is tire pressure rating?


    From 5-30, The recommended tire pressure is :

    Summer: 22 PSI

    Winter: 24 PSI

    Commuter's recommended tire pressure is 50-75 PSI

  • 4.What type of tire valve?


    It's schrader valve.