• 1.Geometry of each models


    Cruiser/ Cruiser Pro Step-Thru

    Cruiser/ Cruiser Pro Step-Over

    Ocelot/ Ocelot Pro Step-Thru



  • 2.Seat post dimension

    Model Dimension
    Cruiser Ф30.9(-0.05) *300mm
    Cruiser Pro Ф30.9(-0.05) *300mm
    Ocelot Ф30.9(-0.05) *300mm
    Ocelot Pro Ф30.9(-0.05) *300mm
    Jaguarandi Ф30.4mm*350mm
    Commuter Ф28.6*300mm
    Deer Ф33.9mm*250mm

  • 3.Package dimensions


    Curiser/ Cruiser Pro/ Ocelot/ Ocelot Pro:

    The dimensions of the package are about 60.4"x14"x35" and the weight of the package with an e-bike and accessories is about 101.4lbs.



    88.18 lbs



    61.73 lbs

  • 4.Bike's weight


    Magicycle ebikes are all firmly made to be able to hold up to 350 lbs.

    Model Weight (With Battery)
    Cruiser 76 lbs
    Cruiser Pro 76 lbs
    Ocelot 73 lbs
    Ocelot Pro 73 lbs
    Jaguarundi 60 lbs
    Deer 26" 92.3 lbs
    Deer 20" 83 lbs