• 1.Magicycle Standard Ocelot/Jaguarundi Rear Rack Assembly Instruction


  • 2.Magicycle Front Rack Assembly Instruction


  • 3.How to install the rearview mirrors on your Magicycle


  • 4.How to remove rear wheel


  • 5.How to install the adjustable stem


  • 6.Regular safety checks


    It is highly recommended to do regular safety checks for your bike.

  • 7.Magicycle fat tire changing guide


  • 8.Loosen front fork


    If the front fork is loose, follow the adjustment video to fix it.

  • 9.Shifter handle bar installation instruction


    If the shifter got broken during the delivery, here is the instruction of how to install your new shifter bar.

  • 10.Suspension unlocked


    The Magicycle suspension adjustment video will be helpful.

  • 11.Reduced range


    Possible causes:

    1. Low tire pressure

    2. Low or faulty battery

    3. Driving with too many hills, headwind, braking,

    and/or excessive load

    4. Battery discharged for long period of time without

    regular charges, aged or damaged

    5. Brakes rubbing

    Most common solutions:

    1. Adjust tire pressure

    2. Check connections or charge battery

    3. Assist with pedals or adjust route

    4. Replace the battery

  • 12.When powered on the motor does not respond


    Possible causes:

    1. Loose wiring

    2. Loose or damaged throttle

    3. Loose or damaged motor plug wire

    4. Damaged motor

    Please reconnect the motor plug wire, if the problem is not resolved, feel free to contact us: support@magicyclebike.com

  • 13.The bike is too powerful for me, what should I do?


    You can adjust the settings on the display by the below guide to make your Magicycle less powerful.

    1) Decrease the current limit

    2) Decrease the power level of PAS in advanced settings

    3) increase the level of sensitivity

    4) Increase slow start

  • 14.How to reach the top 28mph speed?


    There are some adjustments on the display that you need to do so that you can reach the top 28 mph speed.

    1) Press the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time, then the setting page show up in the display.

    2) Select the "Advanced" option and press the "i" button to open the advanced setting page.

    3) Select the "Power Set" option, which determines how many levels the pedal assistance provides.

    The default value is 0-7. Set it to 0-5 and then press the "i" button to save it.

    After this, a small sub-page will come up showing the voltage percentage that is put on each level of pedal assistance. Select level 5 from 96% to 100%.

    4) Hold the "i" button to save all the settings.

    Now your bike can reach 28 mph when you pedal in assist 5.

    (P.S. it's normal that the bike cannot reach 28 mph with throttle only.)

  • 15.The bike starts suddenly/ loses power suddenly


    The slow starting would solve the power is abrupt and aggressive when you kick in.

    You can check the following video to adjust the setting of PAS sensitivity and slow starting settings.

  • 16.My bike won't turn on?


    A loose connection or a low charge may cause your bike to not turn on. Follow these steps to check that your battery is charged and properly connected.

    1) Press the power button

    Press the on/off switch for 3s on the left handlebar to turn on the display.

    2) Checking your battery

    a. Be sure to charge your battery until the 3 lights on your charger turns green, depicting a full charge. It should be at least 4-6 hours.

    b. If the battery is connected to the charger but won’t charge, be sure there is a fan sound inside the charger when you charge. If not, please contact our support team with a picture of your battery’s serial number.

    c. Once the battery is fully charged, reinstall the battery and try to turn on the bike again.

    d. If the bike still doesn’t turn on, check the battery connections as per the following section

    3) Checking the connections

    Please check the cable connection of the display and the cable connections under the controller.

    Plug the two pieces of each connection apart and make sure the pins are not bent, then plug them back.

    And make sure the two arrows on each connection are pointing at each other.

    If your Magicycle still doesn’t turn on, please contact our support team.

  • 17.Error Code 30: Communication Abnormality


    For error code 30, it is an improper connection between the display and the controller-electric bike.

    Please follow the video to check all corrosion damage and cable connection.

    It would also help with the PAS doesn't work, and light can't be turned on issues. Most electric bike problems can be solved by unplugging the connectors and checking the pins to get them fixed.