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Magicycle is dedicated to producing the best fat tire electric bikes for every type of rider. Our electric bikes represent the full capabilities of the e-bike revolution. We are committed to meeting all the needs of every e-bike lover, from off-road adventures to daily commuting, definitely suited to people looking to either adventure through the wild or boulevard cruisers and weekend rides.
Trusted by 90,000 riders and being part of their lives, Magicycle is leading a healthy and positive attitude in life and a convenient efficient lifestyle!

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"The Magicycle Deer is an impressive dual suspension fat tire electric bike that’s packed with features that make it an excellent option for both off-road adventures and daily commutes."
"Despite its fledgling status, the brand has managed to launch quite a number of impressive models known for their power, robustness, and affordability."
"Magicycle e-bikes are affordable, practical, and a huge amount of fun to ride. Their Cruiser e-bike is well suited to the daily commute in town or long weekend rides on country trails, with the electric assist to keep you going up to 60 miles."
"For even more comfort and convenience, the Deer e-bike SUV is available in a step-thru frame. It’s not easy to find an e-bike SUV with step-thru design, but Magicycle has it for you."
"The Magicycle Cruiser is a great choice for anyone who needs a jack-of-all-trades electric bike at a fair price. This e-bike will work well for commuting on the streets, but it’ll also handle moderate trails, particularly anything that requires fat tires."
"Compared to other affordable electric fat bikes, Magicycle Cruiser certainly looks the part. The frame shape is nice and the semi-integrated battery blends nicely."
"Magicycle delivers on significant factors that e-bike riders consider when purchasing their models, in short, and that’s undoubtedly the key to its success in such a comparatively short period."
"As a competitive ebike brand, Having its own factory is the key factor for Magicycle to prevail in the market."
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Customer Stories

all terrain ebike
A Tale of Joy and Freedom with Magicycle's Cruiser Pro
Once upon a breezy Sunday morning, nestled in the heart of a quaint coastal town, Emma discovered the joy of cruising on her Magicycle Cruiser Pro. For Emma, it became a vessel of memories, a companion on her journey through the charming streets and scenic promenades.
long range ebike
A Commuter's Transformation with the Magicycle Ocelot Pro
Sarah is a commuter turned explorer, whose daily routines took an unexpected turn with the introduction of the Magicycle Ocelot Pro. Unveiling this step-thru electric bike opened up new horizons, transforming her mundane commutes into thrilling adventures.
full suspension ebike
Lisa's Journey with Magicycle Deer
Lisa is an avid adventurer with a passion for exploring nature's hidden gems. Her journey with Magicycle Deer began when she yearned for an electric bike that could seamlessly transition between rugged terrains and city streets with effective suspension.

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ebike customer review
Jennifer Aubin
Magicycle is a very responsive company. Any help or questions are answered quickly! My magicycle cruiser was so fun, but a little big for me. The ocelot pro fits perfect! 🚴
ebike customer review
Richard Ramponi
I purchased a Grey Ocelot Pro when first released in Sept.of 2022. It is a great bike and the heavy duty battery has given me many extended miles on my bike trips. I have ridden it on all kinds of terrain from local roads to off road bike trails and it is always up to the task. The various levels of pedal assist is easy to use and works flawlessly. The Ocelot Pro is a quality product, is very stable, and is reasonably priced for a heavy duty step thru ebike.. Thank you Magicycle
ebike customer review
I bought a Magicycle Cruiser because I thought it would make me cool. I was right, it does. I bought a second Magicycle Cruiser because I like to have two of everything. This latest bike is super strong, and lightning fast. I call it Thor.
ebike customer review
Both I believe the Cruiser is exactly what it’s called A Cruiser ! This is a great bike for anyone over 5’6” that wants a bike for cruising around town or smooth trails. The Deer is built for rough terrain and getting off the beaten trail. I owned a Cruiser first. I now have a Deer and prefer it over the Cruiser.
Chris H.
As others have stated, the Deer ebike is fast and punchie! Great torque, comfortable ride, smooth power and gear shifting. I purchased this bike primarily to use for hunting. I have a game cart that is designed to be “trailered” behind a bike. Took it out hunting for the first time yesterday after a heavy rain and it handle like a champ!
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