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"I recently bought a Magicycle Deer and I am in love with this full suspension ebike. It is so much fun to ride. With the powerful motor, the bike makes climbing a pleasure since I no longer am worn out when I go up steep...."

Well Built

"My initial impression is that this softail ebike is very well engineered and constructed! It has a lot of power when in throttle and pedal assist!The bike is very comfortable to ride, even on bumpy roads. Too early to te...."

Well done!

"Great riding ebike and was very easy to assemble out of the box. Had an issue with the handlebar stem but Magicycle personnel responded very quickly to solve the issue. It pedals much easier and the bike speed is faster ...."

Great purchase

"I just love the clean look of the Deer. My wife purchased the Ocelot Pro and I purchased the Deer. Both are good electric bikes but I like the look better on my Deer. I feel the power, braking, suspension system are feat...."

Great Looking EBike

"This is a great bike. I am 60 still going strong but I have to admit I need to be in better shape to ride this bike. The weight of the bike is a little hard for me to get use to. Once I am on it is smooth sailing. Pedal ...."

Magicycle Deer

"Just hit the 100 miles. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Fit and finish are excellent, Throttle response is smooth and more than enough power to get moving from a stand still. The full suspension system makes for ...."

Excellent ebike

"I have owned my Deer full suspension ebike for a few weeks now. I have put 150 miles on the bike so far and I really like and enjoy the bike. But the seat that comes with the bike is not very comfortable. I did replace t...."

Working Well

"I have had only one ride on my new Deer softail ebike, but it was thrilling! The ease with which I became accustomed to the controls was remarkable. The gears shift smoothly and the electric assist was more than enough f...."

Riding with ease!

"The Deer has made cycling in the extremely hilly area I live in fun again. With the help of the video, it was super easy to put together and after a few hundred miles of riding, no problems whatsoever! It’s a great bike ...."

Incredible electric bike

"I wanted to ride a bike again, but was apprehensive because I have loss muscle strength in my legs. This was exactly what I needed to get my confidence back! I can keep up with others stronger than me, and go up hills wi...."

Love this bike!

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Check the ebike world and find your answer and interest

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of electric bikes surged significantly in 2022. When you stop staring at your phones and look up, 

you will find that people around you are all riding electric bikes on the streets or in a park. According to the statistics, 

there are over 20 million ebike trips every day. Even compared to electric vehicles, ebikes are more popular.

In 2023, the sales of electric bikes are going to skyrocket. 

That means there will be more and more new riders showing up and joining the global electric bike community. 

For those who are still waiting, we will let you all know why it is worth getting an ebike.

How do electric bikes gain popularity?

To put it simply, electric bikes offer people of all experiences a fair opportunity to experience the happiness of riding bikes. 

For couples, kids, and families, electric bikes are suitable and comfortable in all kinds of scenarios. 

For families, electric bikes could bring them together to have a fun time instead of playing on their own with electronic devices.

Moreover, just like traditional bikes, riding ebikes is still a great way to get fit and healthy. On an electric bike, 

the rider could explore any trail and enjoy the fresh air, especially when the weather is really nice.

In general, ebikes can improve people’s overall life quality. 

It is not only a means of transportation but is a life attitude full of motivation and passion. 

From our perspective, riding electric bikes is all about happiness and entertainment.

Is it worth getting an ebike?

Of course, it is absolutely worth getting an ebike. Basically, ebikes for sale can provide the same benefits and advantages as traditional bikes, 

like getting exercise and fitness and saving gas bills.

For those who love to ride off-road, ebikes, including electric mountain bikes, provide much more fun and higher efficiency. 

When it comes to riding uphill, pedaling a traditional bike could be tiring and exhausting. However, on an ebike with an electric motor, 

all you need to do is twist the throttle and be ready to get to the summit.

Of course, we don’t mean that electric bikes can be used for only off-road riding. There are a lot of people out there who prefer to take ebikes as a tool for commuting or running errands. 

The roads and streets are already filled with cars, and it seems like we don’t have enough room to maneuver the car easily in such severe traffic. 

So, why not ride an ebike? You could be able to ride through the traffic and pick short paths that only accept bikes or ebikes. 

The most important point for commuting on an ebike is that it could save riders parking fees.

3 Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

In case some people are still not sure about why it is worth getting an ebike, we are going to specifically tell you guys the benefits of riding electric bikes.

1. Get a workout

A lot of people don’t believe that because of the electric power. The truth is that even though it requires much more effort to keep a 

traditional bike than you do on an electric bike, you still turn the pedals of ebikes, and the effort required to pedal is mainly based on the derailleurs. 

Just like you do on a traditional bike, you could shift to a higher gear if you want to pedal hard to get some exercise. If you are too tired to pedal, 

you can just twist the throttle, which is quite convenient.

Studies showed that the heart condition of electric bike riders is far better than riders of non-assisted bikes. The exercise of riding ebikes can improve people’s muscles and the cardiovascular system, 

which is going to make you more energetic every day.

2. Find out new places

As mentioned above, riding ebikes could be more convenient than vehicles. 

Most of the time, people can only drive cars on main roads while ebike riders can pick up some narrow bike paths. 

This will help riders explore some more new places. It could be a lot of fun as they can get to know more about their cities. 

It is a hill or tough road, an electric bike can overcome it easily.

3. Faster

Obviously, it is far faster to ride an electric bike than traditional bikes. We don’t encourage people to ride fast anytime, 

but the speed of an electric bike does matter in many scenarios, including running errands and doing something in a rush. 

Before that, the top priority is still your safety.

Best ebikes for sale

Magicycle is an ebike brand with 16 years of manufacturing experience. 

Its design team has created several ebike models based on the needs of customers, including cruiser bikes, 

electric mountain bikes, folding fat tire electric bikes, and so on.