• 1.Slight play in the front suspension fork


    Most suspension forks have a small amount of play, even when new, due to the slide bushings. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern as it allows the fork to float properly.

    If the issue is apparent, please secure the 3 screws on the stem to resolve.

  • 2.The suspension cannot be locked


    If you are having difficulty locking the front suspension, please refer to the video which provides instructions on how to adjust it.

  • 3.The O ring on the front suspension fork


    The rubber ring around one of the fork legs shows how far the fork was compressed. You can also put a tie-wrap around the fork when you test it. The middle is the sweet spot.

  • 4.Hydraulic front suspension fork


    The travel distance of the Magicycle hydraulic front suspension fork is 80mm.

    80mm of travel is an ideal choice for riding on relatively smooth terrain with few bumps or uneven elements. This travel will help absorb the impact of these bumps, providing a more balanced and comfortable ride.

  • 5.How to adjust the front suspension fork?


    The front suspension fork will allow you to customize the bike's handling to the terrain and your weight. By doing so, you can ensure that the bike is better suited to the terrain and your riding style, providing a smoother ride over bumps and improved stopping power.

    To adjust the suspension fork, please use the right side knob. The left side knob does not have a function.

    To fully lock the suspension, please turn the knob clockwise towards the “lock” direction indicated until it cannot be turned further.

    To adjust the stiffness of the suspension, please turn the right side knob clockwise towards the "lock/open" direction indicated to increase the stiffness and counterclockwise towards the "out/open" direction indicated to make the suspension softer.

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