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Very Nice

The ride is awesome and easy to operate. The cruse controls are the nicest feature. The levels of peddle assist are wonderful, you can barely peddle and the bike does 95% of the work. Its top speed on its highest setting is fast, very fast.

Quality and features are great. Nice handling. Great product

Fun only (recreational). This is my wife's bike and she loves it.

Didn’t come with the proper tools as promised and customer service chat is fielded by idiots. Also, don’t come with free rear rack as promised and was scratched

Great bike for me and my wife

When it arrived, I was super impressed. The packaging was first-class. The fit and finish were really good. I loved the way the battery fits into the frame tube. It was straightforward to put together, and I like the way it rides.

Nice features

A lot of features for the price. Kind of heavy but has pretty decent pep. Son loves it!

Best bicycle I have ever had

I'm 64 yrs old and wasn't sure about buying this e-bike. It was simple to assemble. I was completely surprised and blown away by it's performance. More power than most people need. The extra features (lights, and fenders) are better quality than I expected.

Get where you are going fast and in style!

Whether you're commuting to work or simply enjoying a leisurely ride around your neighborhood, this e-bike will get you where you need to go.

Customer service was top notch for a simple fix

I was dissatisfied with previous company customer service not helping me with my issue and finally gave in and sent ebike back. When I purchased the deer ebike, I needed a different display unit. Customer service was with me from beginning to end with replacing the display unit. I am very satisfied with this bike and the customer service is right on top of anything you might need.

Excellent product and prompt delivery

So far, overall, very happy with our new E-bikes from Magicycle.

Fast and powerful

This bike is a blast!

Not large enough and didn't like how they fit in my bike so I ordered ones for the end of the bars instead this will give me better visibility but I will keep these for another bike down the road.

I haven't received this yet but I already know this basket will be so useful for my shopping and transporting my pet so I know it's great already so five stars it gets this is better than painer bags but both are cool

It just arrived and it's perfect for my fur baby 😄

So far it's been great with my excessories , there's some minor things I didn't like but minor of I think the speed is good enough for me I use this bike for hauling food and exercise one thing I must point out is the ghost peding bigger chain ring and this bike would be five stars instead of four but with that said it still a blast to ride and is very comfortable and I get get people giving it compliments and love the look look of this suv ebikes, I bought this bike for comfort and its hauling abilities i plan to do some minor upgrades nothing crazy just a bigger chain ring and street tires I love the 26 x 4 in tires and don't think I buy a bike with smaller tires very versatile ebikes I look forward to this spring and summer riding if your think about this bike just buy it you will be happy with it .

Well built . Great quality . Smooth ride

The bike is fairly heavy ( like all other electric bikes ) but the battery looks like it is part of the frame , even though it's removable. The bike rides smooth and was set up perfectly right out of the box. Definitely a great value for the money

Exceeds my expectation!

Extremely happy with is bike. I did extensive research before choosing this bike for my husband and it has not disappointed. Very comfortable, cool style, seems like a durable nice quality bike.

Item was as described and came in in a timely

It is


This is great all around, good max weight capacity, collapses to a surprisingly small size, the fabric feels very high quality and the cart is sturdy.

Bad ass bike

This bike is badass I've had other e bikes this tops it love this bike

Great bike

Ive been looking for an ebike for a while now and this is the best price bike for the 20ah 52v, took it out for a spin and its good top speed, easy to ride, quiet and pedal assist works great.


I cannot say enough good things about this bike. Assembly was a breeze. There is a slight learning curve when going from a manual to electric bike but I found this bike to be easier to operate than previous electric bikes I've ridden. There is even a cruise control feature!

Love this bike.

I've only been able to ride my once before the weather got cold. This thing really goes. I love all the accessories that came with it. I'm really looking forward to riding it again next spring. Awesome bike.

Awesome power, great bike, awesome battery life!

Bike was very easy to assemble. I've had the bike for about a year and it still RIPS!!! during winter it's my hunting rig. I slip in woods quietly and it allows me to stay later because it's so easy to come out long distances. I'm 265 and I hardly ever peddle, as the 1100w is pleantly to get me through the woods, over soft grounds, fresh tilled feilds, up hills, amd all around.

Great Option For Commute and Recreation

I've used it for recreational rides in addition to my daily work commute . I've taken it on some bike trails at parks. It's a lot of fun to ride, and it's a great way to get exercise.

What a good deal !!!

I'm driving it in San Francisco because of the hills I needed electric. I'm commuting every day with it, 10 miles a day. Great customer service. I had a problem with the counter and they shipped a new one immediately. Thank you guys, really appreciate!