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Magicycle Time Machine

Of course I first saw the Magicycle Cruiser on a YouTube review. I knew it was a little tall for me, but I couldn't resist. I am 68 years old, but this bike makes me feel 28. I am Superman climbing hills around my area and since I live on one I don't arrive home sweaty and exhausted any more. It is a little tricky in close quarters maneuvering. The throttle is active up to full speed whenever the bike is turned on so... be careful. It is very powerful, with torque to spare.

ocelot pro

Im very happy with my bike so far I go everywhere and still strong

Open Box Cruiser #2

I couldn't resist buying a second Magicycle Cruiser Open Box deal. I had issues with the first one I bought, but Magicycle worked with me to make it right. Their customer service is responsive and fair. I have this one assembled and have ridden about six miles. It is much loved. That is not to say it was perfect. It has a couple cosmetic flaws and a couple issues that will need to be addressed. I predict that I will be treated well. Get you one (or two!).

Magicycle Cruiser Number Two

So I bought a Magicycle Cruiser a couple weeks ago. It was an "Open Box Special" so I got a reduced price. It had a couple issues which Magicycle worked with me to correct. Today my second Cruiser arrived and it was a little beat up in shipping, but I am quite pleased with it as well. I am an avowed Bargain Hunter and the Open Box bikes offered a 2 year warranty at hundreds of dollars less. I am waiting for my Magicycle Commuter to arrive.

Ocelot Pro first impressions

Girlfriend wanted to ride with me (I've got a Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0) and she couldn't keep up on a pedal only bike. Rad had a special on the Rad Rover 6+, mistake she's 5'1" and way to big. Then I bought an Aventon Aventure.1 step through and she could ride better but still looked way to small for it. I finally woke up (after losing a few hundred on my mistakes) and saw the discount on the Ocelot Pro and pulled the trigger seeing a couple hundred off for an open box item.
Things were great from the start, this bike was packed and shipped looking as if new from factory. The only indication of an open bike was the chain stay cover was missing and Magicycle sells them pretty cheap (not ordered yet). Here's my review: this bike hauls! out accelerates my Rad and Aventon hands down. It is considerable more nimble than the others and flat out FUN! I don't know if it's the 52V 20Ah battery or the motor listed as 750watt (I don't believe it's only 750) but you'll be impressed with this power house.

We LOVE our Magicycles!!!!

We have ridden over 300 miles in the year since our purchase! On mountain trails, beaches and rivers. We did experience our first flat tire our last trip, but that's the way it goes!
I am a 67 year old woman. I am 5'8" and have long legs, my bike is a tiny bit tall for even me, but I have learned to manage! I LOVE my bike rides!

Great bike addition

The light that came with the bike is passable. However, this LED 1000LM light is several times brighter.

You won't regret spending the money to have this on your bike.

No issues

The acceleration is smooth and effortless. Easy to fold up as expected. No issues.

Love this Ebike

Very pleased with the quality and performance of this ebike

Great e-Bike For The Money

Love the way it feels to soar on the road when the electric pulse kicks in.

Great bike.

I highly recommend.
Great customer service.

Very good bike,

This is a good Chinese made bike and is my second , i bought the bike 5 month ago and is been great, battery is very powerful and is most important parts of it. 52 V and 20 Amp samsung battery.
I had a few issues with it
1- you need to re tight all the screws, all of them. Bike come with tools.
2- when the sun hits the display, it's get foggi.
I had to put a cover on it.
3- screws holding the display on handelbar is very small and coming loose , if you don't tight them ,and I forgot to do that and display is hanging, I had to put a tape on it until I get screws from company.
I just sent email to company to waiting for respond.
Other then that I'm very happy with it.
09/ 08/2023
David Vee

Does a Deer have any Doe? Yes, two Bucks!

Magic Cycle Deer is a badass bike. It's stealth-looking and stylish, with great lines and features. It goes the distance with Long-range capabilities, hydraulic braking that stops on a dime, a full-throttle controller to zip on to 28mph in seconds, dual shocks to keep the bike on the ground, and a fully functional color screen with a USB outlet.

It's heavy but stable and comfortable and feels so manly. It's like riding a motorcycle because of the wide grips. It's balanced around turns and confidently attacks hills on or off the trail.

I'm a big fan and looking forward to purchasing a second for MTB only. (no fenders or baskets)

Well built. Fast shipping.

Well built. Fast shipping.

Amazing bike for the money tons of power

Has tons of power I have not found any negatives about it whatsoever, everyone that has seen the bike has complimented on how great it looks.

Read before you buy

I bought these for my Ocelot and mounted them as shown. The give you a lovely view of your forearms.

I then bought a left side mirror on Amazon that attaches to the end of my handlebar. Perfect!

Protecting my Cruiser Controller Box.

Now I feel safe to ride my Cruiser off road protecting my control box /wires from getting foreign objects on the wires conectors and add a beautiful touch at the bottom of the ebike. The Magicycle logo on the skid plate stands out.

Luxury product @ affordable price

Well, we've taken our bikes out of town a few times now and we really love this rack. The design is very much like the Thule but way more affordable. It can handle our fat tires and the weight of our 2 Cruiser Pros just fine. We did not purchase the ramp and find it is fairly easy for us to get everything loaded up with the two of us. It could be done with one person but I definitely think 2 is ideal.

Comfortable fit

I love my bike helmet. I was using my old helmet with the new eBike but worried about it not being protective enough. I really like the comfort of this new helmet. It has a little cushion around the chin strap. It was pretty simple to adjust it to fit my head. I like that the light on the back syncs up with the brake light on my bike. I am feeling much better about having the proper equipment to handle higher speeds.

Great features at affordable price

Well biking at speeds near 30mph its important to have the right helmet. I love that this has a light in the back that I can set to flash with several options on pattern and speed. It also brightens and becomes solid when breaking. It's comfortable and easy to adjust as well.

`Nice Bike

After 4 weeks of daily use I am very happy with this bike, for me seat is comfortable and battery life suffices for my needs of riding on city bike trails. I can use it for camping.

Oh yeah. Let the Cruising begin.

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I peeked in the box. It's in there. I wanna record the unboxing. Stay tuned!

very large and heavy

This is the heaviest ebike i have ever owned. Seems very sturdy and could have a house fall on it with little damage. i will ad more when the weather improves and I can ride it.

Pretty impressed

The bike had a solid appearance and the attention to detail in its design and materials was evident. It arrived well-packaged and protected, and assembling it was a straightforward process. Manufacturer seems to deliver well this time. It had a nice design and the added feature of being foldable for easy storage. The15 Ah battery provided reliable performance.

Florida 119 major bike trails…

All models of the Magicycle e-bike line master the Florida bike trail system, some just do it with superior comfort and agility. At 5’10”, 185 lbs, I like the ocelot pro and the cruiser pro for features, but the mother of all is the deer. The deer has ALL OF THE FEATURES of a $4,000 e-bike for the price of a solid state mid-range model, it’s my next upgrade.