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The headlight mirror makes us much more visible to on coming traffic. Feel so happy to have it.

Battery lock replacement

How do you go about replacing the battery lock that mounts on to the fram,that the battery slides into on the cruise pro

Transports two E-Bikes easily. Setup was fairly straightforward with the paper instructions. I’m happy with my purchase.

Had to buy a 2nd one

Wife loved the first one. I was still riding a traditional pedal only bike. Six months later I had to buy a 2nd one for me, and now we take long rides regardless of wind conditions.

Great for our 60's!

These bikes are wonderful. We were afraid we were too old to figure out how to get these working for us but, well, it's like riding a bike. We've been able to remember how to shift gears, or just leave it in first for what we do.

An Awesome Bike!!

Im an older man in my early 70s and this is my first e-bike, and its the best bike I have ever owned. This bike is awesome!!

Big Boy Toy

Bike is a beast. First complete run was 30 mile round trip in the hills of No. GA. It carried my 62 250lb ass easily up the many inclines.

For the most part material is well made, i believe its gonna hold for the cold weather, what i dont like its the little space you get while installed on the handlebar hard to get your hand inside with winter gloves. I wish the design wasn’t as bulky.

In Canada, I tried to buy this bike, the site will not let me buy it.

Looks good but in canada can only look.

This Bike is so much fun!

To say I am in love with this bike is an understatement. Assembly out of the box was super easy and took me about 45 min. This bike looks super aggressive with the fat tires and sturdy frame. Riding took a few times to get used to as Ive never rode an e-bike before but once I got the hang of it its was great!

Reliable Mirror

The mirror is very useful and safe for riding. It helps me to see the traffic and avoid accidents

Black Friday is upon is and because I didn't k own and no salesman told me, the Deer Magicycle I purchased at $2,499 is now 2weeks later, $2,099.
I'm out $400 bucks.
I will say that I am happy with my purchase.
However, the trailer has yet to arrive.

So far so good

No problems at all 650 miles in …still. Love it

Excellent Product

I am very Happy to get this bike and also get another 2 for my wife and my cousin we all 3 are very happy with this Bike …… easy to assembly and the delivery was tally fast ..

Really good bike

This is a beautiful and very solid bike. Assembling was easy and the video helped a lot.?

Beats my expectations

This is my first ebike, first fat tire bike. I bought it to consume less gas while running errands. I am quite pleased with the power it delivers. I always pedal, do not use it just with throttle, I need the exercise too.

Shipping was super fast, bike was well packaged in protective foam. Great bike in my opinion at the price point considering all the components of the bike. I would highly recommend this bike over many of the other competitors especially for value but I would definitely also recommend getting the pro if you can afford it, I couldn’t and am still happy with this model.

Happy with my purchase

I bought this bike for my wife because it has decent reviews. Loved putting this bike together out of the box as everything was well thought out and I did not have to make any brake or derailer adjustments.

This is a great bike for the price!!

We have been having a blast with ours!

Good product

Love the item. Light weight but durable, perfect sizing - as expected.

Good ebike

i had ocelot pro,
pro: nice built, love the green, powerful motor.
con: Heavy, battery doesn't last long for off road especially uphill, throttle fails off and on, PAS sensor is thein plastic it fails often, increase the thickness or fiberglass material will solve the problem.

Not trailer trash

Living in Boulder City for 30 years now and yes in a trailer!
Love my recently purchased Deer (green) which included a not yet received trailer. I'm anxious to receive it as my plan now that I have my Deer is to ride to grocery store, shop, load and eliminate my car altogether.

Really can't wait but will have to. Meanwhile this trailer has sparked the inventor in me such that I bought a welder and am currently experimenting with build on similar trailer till mine arrives
Having fun, you should too!
Mark M

This is my 3rd Magicycle love them

Geart bike .

I bought the bike 7 months ago and is been great, fast, powerful, easy to Handel, I wish the handle bar was higher from grand to top, I added a stem to raise up the hight but still I have to bend .
I have back problems and cannot lean towards for too long.
I wish manufacturers should make some adjustments for it.
From grand to top at least 60 to 63 inches.
I'm very happy with my purchase and highly recommend.