• 1.How can I maximize the battery range?


    A lot of factors may affect the miles of range, such as whether you are riding commute or off-road, your weight, going uphill or slope.

    Riding on lower levels of pedal assist will maximize your battery's range.

    Riding on higher levels of pedal assist and aggressively using the throttle will drain your battery much more quicker.

  • 2.What is the range of travel on a full charge? / how far can you go on a full charge?


    Magicycle Cruise Pro and Ocelot Pro come with 20 Ah battery, way longer max range (80 miles) than the standard one.

    Generally, you can go 35 miles with throttle only and 80 miles with pedal assist, however, it varies slightly depending on the riding condition, riders' weight, etc.