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  • 1) If you only ordered one item( bike/ accessory)

    Please check the inside of the package thoroughly first, and save the photo of shipping manifest, package box, and the item you received, then send them to our support team for help.

    2) If you ordered more than one item (bikes/ accessories)

    The parts will be shipped separately in different packages or different warehouses. Hope you allow us more time for updating the shipping information.

    Also you can check transit information by yourself: TRACK YOUR ORDER

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  • We’re so sorry that happened. While everything passes a quality inspection when it leaves our warehouse, it’s hard to control the delivery experience, even with trusted logistics providers.

    Remember to inspect the bike before accepting it from the shipping carrier.

    If it was damaged during delivery, please email us at with your order number and any photos and videos of the damage within 10 days of receiving your bike.  

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  • Oh no! While rare, these mix ups can happen. Please save photo of shipping manifest, package box and the item you received, contact our support team , we’ll be sure to sort it out as quickly as possible.

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