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  • Simply hold the "+" button for 3 seconds to turn on the front light.


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  • The taillight cable is in the controller box. 

    Just open the controller box and connect the cable.


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  • Here are the instructions for troubleshooting the issue front light.

    1) Try to push the "+" button for 3 seconds to turn on the front light.

    2) If it still doesn't work, we suggest you try to replug the cables in front of the handlebar.

    Please follow this video to check the cables.

    3) Please check the cable under the controller.

    Please re-plug the cable under the controller too. Make sure the arrows are aligned. 

    4) Check the arrows and the cable under the controller, and test the voltage in the headlights with a voltmeter if it gets 6V.

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  • 1) Check the cable to the rear light is properly connected

    2) The USB cable should as well as the other cables on this bike

    3) Make sure the arrows are aligned


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