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  • Please unplug the brake pads, and check each brake, restart the bike.

    The derailleur guard might press the whole part inside.

    You can pull this part out, and make the chain straight in a line to the crankset.

    And please adjust the front brake in the right position.

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  • We apologize for the leaking hydraulic brakes. The leaking problem is caused by the bubbles inside the oil case. Please refilling the fluid to the brakes as the video indicates.

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  • When Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

    A healthy brake pad material must be a minimum of 1 mm thick (the equivalent of 3 stacked business cards). Any thickness less is a sign for a replacement.

    It isn't easy to spot contaminated brake pads with the naked eye. If your brakes squeal or squeak or your rotor appears to be a darker color with oil smears, it's a sign that your brake pads may be contaminated.

    Please follow the video instruction

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  • Noisy brakes can also be a telling sign that your ebike is in need of a check-up, repair, or even possibly needing replacement components. Excessive noise from your hydraulic disc brakes may signal that there is an issue with the rotor and brake pads. More specifically, that the brake pads and rotor have been contaminated from excessive lubrication or oil, causing the noise.

    Before determining if that is the case, use rubbing alcohol and a clean, dry rag to wipe down your rotors. An intentional cleaning generally can make the excessive noise go away. 

    Please follow the below video to adjust

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