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6 Tips for Losing Weight by Riding Ebikes

As people are still arguing about whether ebikes can offer enough workout and exercise and help lose weight, research has already shown that it will be effective and fun for people to lose weight by riding ebikes. Even though it is proven, there are still a large proportion of people who are not clear about how to get their weight loss by riding ebikes, and this article is all about this topic. What follows are xx tips for helping you lose weight with ebikes, just stick with us.

1. Make adjustments for the handlebar and seat

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Before you are hopping on your electric bikes to get exercise, you must remember to adjust the height of the handlebar and seat. When you are trying to lose weight by riding electric bikes, it must take you a lot of time, meaning that you will spend much time sitting on your ebike saddle. If your handlebar and seat are not adjusted properly, it will possibly lead to pain in your back, legs, or knees.

For your ebike seats, one of the most common beginner mistakes is that people ride with low seats, which is both uncomfortable and inefficient. To make a suitable seat height, you can measure your inseam, then adjust the seat based on that measurement. If you are sure about that inseam measurement, just check the blog about standover height:


The next one is the adjustment of the handlebar. This is going to help to relax your back and shoulder. You can just make different adjustments until you find a good angle that fits you the most.

2. Make a plan

When you make up your mind to do any kind of exercise, the possibility is that you will do too much at first, making you exhausted and finally abandon riding electric bikes for adults as the results of the exercise will not appear easily and in a short time.

Obviously, no matter what kind of exercise you are doing, commitment and the right method are required. That is the reason why I recommend you make a plan as it will help get better little by little without giving up on losing weight by cycling.

Just remember that whenever you get tired in the middle of your riding, you can twist the throttle and ride all the way up to your house without putting any effort.

3. Try not to use the highest or lowest level of PAS

Most ebikes for sale have several levels of PAS, allowing you to ride effortlessly. Here we recommend you avoid using the highest or lowest level as it is going to have an impact on losing weight.

Normally, some riders may take the lowest level as the best way to lose weight, but this will make riders tired and exhausted easily, leading to the results of giving up losing weight. On the other hand, the highest level of PAS almost equals the-full throttle mode and will not bring an effective workout at all.

4. Commute to work by riding

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I know you guys are so occupied with work that you don't have that much time to ride your ebike, but what if you ride to work every day? Riding an electric bike can keep you stay active. Moreover, Studies show that cycle commuters are involved in lower risks of all-cause mortality like cancer or cardiovascular disease. So, apparently, cycling to work is gonna help a lot to lose weight.

And also, there is a huge benefit of cycling to work. During the pandemic, a lot of people are trying to avoid crowds in case they get infected, but not all of you are working at home at the moment, right? I believe most of you guys still need to take public transportations, which will increase the risks of getting covid-19. So if you commute to work with your ebike, the chances are you won't have to face the risks. And of course, your safety and health will be guaranteed.

5. Stop using the throttle all the way

I know it is tempting to use the throttle on your ebike all the way to your destination, cause it is really fast and exciting. But, obviously, this is not gonna help you to lose weight as the ebike will do most of the work for you. Whatever, when you are trying to get fit on your ebike, try your best not to use that throttle, but use the PAS instead. If you just can't help doing that, maybe an ebike like Magicycle commuter can make a difference, which has only PAS. For more information about the Magicycle Commuter ebike, check the link in the description.


6. Ride with your friends or in a group

My last tip is that you can find a partner and a group to ride with. If you prefer to be alone and like riding by yourself, that is fine, sometime I would like to ride by myself and enjoy the peace. But for those who are not into cycling alone, it will be kind of tedious to do so. That is why I recommend you to ride in groups or with friends because it will make cycling way more interesting so that you will keep on doing that and losing weight effectively. Also, you can push and encourage each other. Of course, this is going to increase the number of times that you are riding out, increase the frequency that you are getting exercise on an ebike, then turn it into a habit you are sticking with, which will absolutely help you lose more weight.

It is tough and hard for most people to keep doing exercise to lose weight, but I believe if you can find a method like riding an ebike that is way more interesting, you will finally make it.

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