pedal assist ebike
July 20,2023

The Ultimate Guide for Troubleshooting Pedal Assist System

Pedal assist is an essential function of an electric bike, which provides a customizable boost while riding. It can affect the overall riding experience and make bike rides much easier. However, encountering issues with pedal assist can be really frustrating and have a huge impact. If you are having problems concerning pedal assist, you are reading the right blog. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about how to troubleshoot the pedal assist of your ebike. Contents 1. How Does Pedal Assist Work? 2. Ebike Pedal Assist Troubleshoot 1.1 Check out the Display 1.2 Check out the power Connection 1.3 Inspect the Power Source 1.4 Reset the System 1.5 Turn to Experts How Does Pedal Assist...