best electric bike
February 26,2024

How to Find Your Best Electric Bikes 2024?

In recent years, electric bikes have surged in popularity as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. With advancements in technology and design, finding the perfect electric bike tailored to your needs in 2024 has become both exciting and challenging. This guide aims to provide an insightful roadmap for selecting the best electric bike that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Understanding Electric Bikes Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are bicycles equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider's pedaling effort. They offer various benefits such as extended range, pedal assistance, and reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional bikes. Understanding how electric bikes work and their advantages is crucial before making a purchasing decision. Factors to Consider When Choosing...

Christmas Ebike Sale
December 09,2023

Navigating the Ebike Christmas Sale: Tips for First-Time Buyers

There will be approximately 77.3 million Ebikes by the year 2030, and if you have not bought your bike yet, this might be the right time for you to benefit from the Ebike Christmas Sale. For a first-time buyer, it is very important to get all things right so you have the perfect experience with your Ebike, and here you will find all the tips to buy your first Ebike from the Christmas Ebike sale. Tips for First-Time Buyers to Make the Most from Ebike Christmas Sale Here are our top 7 tips for purchasing your first Ebike from the Christmas Ebike Sale. 1. Determine your most important use case from the Ebike. The most important use case from the Ebike would...

best ebikes for cycling
August 25,2023

How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Cycling Apparel?

Washing cycling clothing has its own tricks to extend the life of the garment and prevent premature deterioration. It is a garment made of special fabrics (Lycra, polyester, polypropylene) and requires a completely different washing and drying process than streetwear. Similarly, garments such as jerseys and shorts should be washed frequently, preferably after every outing. Both jerseys and shorts are exposed to external media that accelerate the wear and tear of the fabric, such as sweat, dirt and the action of the sun's rays, which can deteriorate the colour. Below we provide you with some simple guidelines for cleaning your cycling jerseys so that you don't damage them unnecessarily and you can make your favorite gear last longer. Also, don't...

twist throttle
August 05,2023

Twist Throttle and Thumb Throttle, What Is Better for My Electric Bikes for Adults?

An ebike throttle serves as one of the essential components of an ebike. The rider needs to use it to connect to the motor and gain electric power. Well, as you can almost customize everything on your ebikes, an ebike throttle will not appear to be the only option available. In the market, there are mainly 2 kinds of electric bike throttles, twist throttle and thumb throttle. if you are shopping for an ebike, you must be careful when it comes to throttles. Maybe it is just a small part of an ebike, but it could make a huge difference in your riding experience. In this article, we will walk you through the 2 kinds of ebike throttles. Hope it...

high power electric bike
July 28,2023

Ebikes Keep Cutting Out? Here Are the Solutions

Riding ebikes can fill our life with more fun and happiness, but we can meet all kinds of issues related to ebikes as well. Personally, one of the most annoying issues concerning my ebikes should be intermittent power loss. To be specific, electric bikes may cut out due to issues in their components, including motors, batteries, controllers, and brakes. Sometimes it could be difficult to find out where the problem is. In this post, I will share some potential reasons and corresponding fixes. Hope they can help you out. Contents 1. Battery Issue 2. Overheating Motor 3. Faulty Controller 4. Throttle Gets Jammed 5. Malfunctioned Sensor 6. Final Thoughts 1. Battery Issue When your electric bike cuts out, the most common...

electric bikes for your adventures
July 24,2023

Endless Exploration: E-Bike Adventures in an Infinite World

Cycling tourism is experiencing exponential growth, and thanks to electric bicycles, it will be even greater. Because on an e-bike we multiply the possibilities. The kilometres, the climbs, and of course, the freedom and happiness.When thinking about travelling by bike, it seems logical to value distances first. But… forget them! You will no longer have to be so aware of the kilometres because, on an e-bike, the range of movements is multiplied. We will be able to unite two places that are quite far apart in a single day, something that you would not do with a conventional bicycle. When we arrive at the destination we will not be "for the drag" but we will have the courage and energy...

electric bikes for adults
July 21,2023

Electric Bike Legal Regulations: Understanding the Rules and Guideline

E-bike sales are growing rapidly, and riders enjoy the added assistance the motor provides for everything from cycling around town to weekend road trips and trail excursions.  However, electric bicycles are subject to different laws and regulations than non-assisted bicycles. In this article, we are going to analyze what an electric bicycle is and what laws affect them.  What legally constitutes an electric bike, how much assistance can an e-bike provide, and what are the laws governing its riding? Contents 1. Are electric bikes legal? 2. What are electric bikes? 3. What is an EAPC? 4. Watts and torque 5. Laws on e-bikes in the US Are electric bikes legal?  The answer is ‘Yes’, and its use is actively encouraged...

hill-climbing ebike
July 18,2023

How Do You Climb Hills On An Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes have revolutionized the way we explore mountainous terrain, making it easier than ever to conquer steep inclines and reach new heights. However, climbing hills on a mountain ebike requires a certain level of technical skill and knowledge. In this article, we'll dive into the technical details of how to climb hills on an electric mountain bike, including understanding your bike's specifications, selecting the right gear, engaging the electric assist, maintaining balance, and choosing the right line. By following these techniques, you can climb hills on a mountain ebike with confidence and experience the thrill of off-road riding like never before. Contents 1. A step-by-step guide to climbing hills on a mountain ebike 1.1 Choose the right gear!...

ebike for commuting
July 18,2023

Top 5 Reasons to Use an Electric Bike for Commuting

No need for statistics, I am sure you must realize there are more and more people around you using ebikes for daily commuting. In spite of the hot weather, some of you may not understand why they would choose electric bikes instead of driving a car or taking a bus, which is supposed to be much better. Well, in this post, I will give you 10 reasons why you can switch to electric bikes for daily commuting. Contents 1. Cover Long Distances with Less Effort 2. No need for a License and Registration 3. Easy to Charge 4. No Need for Parking 5. Fun and Enjoyable Experience 6. Best Ebikes for Commuting 1. Cover Long Distances with Less Effort Compared...

enduro ebike
July 07,2023

Start and Enjoy Your Enduro If You Follow These Tips and Guides

Enduro could be said to be the most fun and adrenaline-filled MTB discipline. However, the fun does not come from the beginning, since in this modality there is a high risk of falls and a good physical and, above all, mental condition is needed. Fulfilling that, you will obtain the result of fully enjoying this sport.  If you like an adrenaline rush, then this is the sport for you. MTB Enduro Cycling was born in 1976 in California, USA, thanks to the fun of a group of friends who competed against each other to see who could get down the mountain the fastest. It's still the same today, but in an evolved way; it's no coincidence that its name comes...