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May 26,2023

How Long Do Ebike Batteries Last?

Is your e-bike battery running out? Since the ebike battery usually plays an important role, as an ebike rider you have to ensure that your battery is in the best condition so that you can enjoy the longest battery life. So how can you maximize the life o

Magicycle Halloween Ebike Sales
October 20,2023

Halloween Ebike Sale: Enjoy Halloween Treats with Discounted Maicycle Ebikes

Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready for it? For Magicycle, Halloween brings more than just ghostly apparitions and jack-o'-lanterns—it also marks the arrival of spine-tingling savings on Magicycle ebikes and accessories. Do you know what is more scary than those ghosts and goblins? It is missing such a big opportunity to get the deals you can ever make on Magicycle. Come and check out Magicycle’s Halloween Treats! Incredible Discounts on Magicyle Ebikes 1. For the Cruiser series(except for the step-thru cruiser and step-thru cruiser pro), you can get $200 off each bike. 2. For the Deer series, you can get $200 off as well, but if it is off-road Deer with a trailer, the discount will be...

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September 11,2023

Must-Have Electric Bike Accessories Fix Tools: Essential Gear for Your Electric Bikes

It is not easy to choose the tools and accessories to put in your backpack when you go cycling, as the number of incidents that can occur is varied.So, is it better to be prepared to face any adversity that may occur in the middle of the field or is it better to relax in the face of the impossibility of facing everything?In this article, I will talk about all the tools and accessories that are essential for any cycling trip, whether on the road or in the mountains. The goal is to be self-sufficient to avoid being stranded in the middle of the mountain or at the expense of the charity of a cyclist who can lend us a...

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August 18,2023

Best Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Riding Experience

Do you own an ebike? If so, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn how to get the most out of your electric friends. Whether you are an experienced ebike rider or just new to electric bikes, I think it is always necessary to improve your ebike rides cause most ebikes are costly. It will be kind of a waste of money and loss if you still don’t know the best tricks and tips about electric bikes. So, you know what I am going to explain. Let’s keep reading to find out those tricks and tips. Contents 1. Never Let the Battery Die Out 2. Invest in Ebike Accessories 3. Don’t Pedal While Cornering or Taking...

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August 16,2023

Why Is My Ebike Battery Dying So Fast?

As one of the most important components of electric bikes, electric bike batteries are the ones that get the most attention. After all, electric bikes can’t be called “ebikes” without a power source. With this in mind, everyone wants to get the best performance out of their ebike batteries, but not all of them are able to. I always hear people say that their ebike batteries are draining faster than they expect. Well, people may tell you that this is complicated because the efficiency of an ebike battery can be affected by many factors, but that still can’t work things out, right? As I usually do, I will walk you through every potential cause or reason for your battery draining...

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July 31,2023

Up-gradable Electric Bicycle Parts: Maximizing Performance vs. Components to Avoid to change

Many of you probably know: the replacement of worn parts on an E-Bike or the exchange of standard equipment with products from other manufacturers is subject to certain specifications. Not everything can be combined or expanded at will. This is a big problem, especially in bike shops. But also for anyone who likes to do touch-ups at home. Technological and material advances push the limits of what an electric bicycle and its parts can do. To keep pace with these advances, recommendations on security measures as well as periodic reviews must be taken seriously by manufacturers. Magicycle is one of them. Take seriously all the parts of our e-bike.In this article, we'll explore the world of upgradable electric bicycle parts, maximizing...

electric bike cruiser
July 18,2023

Magicycle Electric MTB Components and Accessories for Sale

Electric assist bike motors and batteries add to the weight, power, and size of their frames and it has been inevitable that specific accessories and components have been developed to optimize their durability, safety, and performance. In recent years, manufacturers have launched a dizzying race to increase their offer of electric assistance models in the face of the growing demand for these bikes, but the design and manufacture of components and accessories that are adapted to their characteristics. The frames were modified to house the motor and battery, but the same components used by conventional bikes were maintained. Magicycle has changed and specific products for electric bikes are being developed.  Contents 1. Specific components for electric MTB bikes 1.1 Suspensions...

Fat Tire electric bike
July 03,2023

Repair a Puncture Guide - This Is How to Replace Electric Bike Tires

Whether you want to help the environment by driving around less or just want to transition to a bike with a motor for an easier ride, you need an electric bike. But there is still some problem when we use the bicycle for sport or our daily trips we are never safe from a puncture. Almost everyone knows how to repair a puncture on a "normal" bike, but what to do to repair a puncture when we use an e-bike? In this article, we will focus on how to easily repair a puncture on an electric bike! Whether you have a classic bike or an electric bike, there have one thing is for sure which is getting a flat tire will...

You Can Now Choose Your Ebike Helmet with New Strategy
July 03,2023

You Can Now Choose Your Ebike Helmet with New Strategy

Do you need an E-bike helmet, or are you about to buy one? The e-bike helmet is the most sensitive element as it represents our safety. More than just that, it will be your best ally if you suffer a fall. Please remember that brain injuries are the leading cause of death among cyclists. Choosing a good helmet is essential to enjoy your cycling gateways. Leaving aside the marketing and terminology many brands use, here are the most important aspects so you know everything about your bike helmet.  There are hundreds of models, and it cannot be said that bad helmets are on the market today. But as you can see, Obviously, a $100 helmet will always offer different benefits...

Ebike Guide
June 03,2023

Ebike Guide: How to Install Juin Tech M1 Hydraulic Brakes?

The Juin Tech M1 hydraulic brakes seem perfectly suited for upgrading your mechanical brakes. They are highly recommended, and easy to install — just be sure to get the M1 version.  The toolkit that came with your Magicycle has everything needed for the upgrade, with the exception of a wire-cutter/crimping tool. You will also need a couple of cable caps.   Again, be sure to get the M1, which will look like this:         There are a few parts included that you will not need, but keep them for possible future use; For installation on your Magicycle, you can use the disc rotor and the spacer that are already on your e-bike, further simplifying the installation. Here...