May 26,2023

Riding through the Pandemic: An Ebike Is the Ideal Machine During COVID-19

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020, the imposition of lockdown policies has become a global trend. The ensuing non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as travel restrictions and social distancing policies, negatively impact productivity, inflict huge societal costs, and shock global financial markets and socioeconomics. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has been reshaping the way people travel such that human mobility patterns could be notably different from the past.

While navigating the city, commuting to work or school can be challenging, people have turned to electric bikes for adults as a solid option to fill the void. Therefore, electric bikes have become an indispensable mode of travel during COVID-19.

Electric Bikes: Riding Through the Pandemic

Magicycle Fat Tire All Terrain Cruiser

Getting from place to place can be one of the biggest challenges this pandemic has to bring, not just for front-line workers but for regular commuters and human beings as well. While the general rule is to stay away from going out and crowd gatherings as much as possible, people will still need to go to work when the outbreak has eased, but not eliminated, and still have to run necessary errands like grocery shopping.

Mobility is critical for front-line workers. As the demand for new modes of transportation increases, so does the demand for e-bikes. In this article, you will know why people choose the electric bike during this special pandemic.

1. Social distancing can be implemented

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have religiously observed social and physical distancing. This means that individuals are ordered to keep a safe distance from each other to prevent infection. This is why public transport such as buses and trains only allow a small number of people to board. With this in mind, biking is considered an excellent way to adhere to social distancing guidelines, as long as you ride alone.

2. People are able to reach their destination faster and easier

Commuters are finding it difficult to get to their work and destination on time due to the limited number of public vehicles that allowed to operate and the congested traffic environment. But with your own electric bikes, travel and commute can be done faster and easier. Magicycle has specialized electric bikes for sale with high-speed capabilities. This will reduce your travel time and increase your productivity for the day. If it does run out of power, you can charge it in at the workplace, or pedal for an extra workout, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Electric bikes can be owned, not shared

Some companies and local government departments have resorted to bike and scooter sharing in an attempt to provide transportation for employees, but this has proven not so safe either. Research has shown that the virus can thrive for days even on plastic and steel surfaces. If an infected person uses a shared bike or scooter without proper protection, the next user may also be infected. With your own e-bike, you could reduce your risk of exposure because you can only use it yourself.

4. Kind to Our Environment

Thanks to the joint efforts of the government and environmentalists, air quality has improved significantly. Electric bikes offer an alternative, cleaner form of transportation for cars. Riding an electric bike instead of driving can save money and benefit the environment by reducing gas use and pollution. E-bikes are motor-assisted bikes with pedal-assist, which are powered by lithium batteries (it's recyclable). Electric bikes don’t use fossil fuels (if you pay your electricity bills with green and renewable energy) and don’t release carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other harmful substances into the air. Globally, the use of conventional combustion vehicles is still on the rise, so a conscious decision to switch to electric bikes when possible is a smart choice now and in the future.

Just as important, Electric bikes are a quiet way to get around, enabling you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. There’s usually a faint whirr as you accelerate or when climbing hills; the rest of the time, an e-bike makes little noise, so there’s no noise pollution or atmospheric pollution.

Even as the pandemic normalizes, we can keep this way and continue to find ways to be environmentally friendly. Electric bikes are known alternatives to environmentally friendly travel. More and more people are discovering this benefit, and now is a good time to take advantage of this fact.

5. Way to Keep Moderate Exercise Preserve Mental health

One of the things medical experts recommend during this pandemic is to keep us healthy inside and out. That's why many people take this opportunity to start exercising at home and eventually start running as restrictions ease. However, e-bikes can also be a form of exercise and preserve your mental health which can be done at this time.

Given the many health benefits of e-bikes, this technology can certainly be used to help boost your immune system and customize your exercise intensity. Magicycle has a wide variety of electric mountain bikes with different modes of pedal support. You can adjust this feature to your liking, and if you want a more challenging ride, you can change the ease of pedaling to a lower mode.

Furthermore, just as most of our daily work has been affected, the way we spend our leisure time has been hijacked by the pandemic. Having a drink with friends at the local bar after getting off work is not something we can do in a pandemic. But e-bike is available to go for many of the other activities we usually enjoy - like going to play team sports, traveling alone or with family and friends. These are our ways of entertaining ourselves and feeling connected to the world. Spending time in nature is one-way individuals use to reduce feelings of isolation. The need to get outside for some much-needed fresh air and expand their horizons with new pursuits has led many to try e-bikes.

Top Electric Bikes for 2022 You Can Buy Right Now

There are electric bikes at affordable prices, and it's probably one of the most practical purchases you'll make right now.

Best Utility E-Bike: MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER

Best Utility E-Bike: MAGICYCLE 52V CRUISER

-52V Lishen Battery Fast Charge

-750W 52V Torque86N.m Motor

-7 Levels Pedal Assist

-Color LCD Display

-Max range: 55 miles

-Recommended Heights: 5'5"-6'5"

-Total Payload Capacity: 350lbs

Best stylish and high-tech E-Bike: Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Battery: 52V 20Ah Lithium Battery(LG)

Motor: 750W rear geared hub motor (peaks at over 1,000W)

Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes (180 mm rotors)

Fork: Hydraulic suspension fork

Range: Up to 80 miles

Weight: 73 lb

Max load: 300 lb

Wheels: Kenda 26"x4.0" fat tires

Recommended Rider Heights: 4’10”’’ ~ 6.2’’

Extras: Color LCD Display with USB Charging, bright headlight, and taillight

Best Long Range E-Bike: MAGICYCLE 52V 20Ah Cruiser Pro

Best Long Range E-Bike: MAGICYCLE 52V 20Ah Cruiser Pro

Battery: 52V 20Ah Lithium Battery(LG)

Motor: 750W 52V Torque96 N.m rear geared hub motor (peaks at over 1,000W)

Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes (180 mm rotors)

Fork: Hydraulic suspension fork

Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)

Range: Up to 80 miles

Weight: 73 lb

Max load: 350 lb

Wheels: Kenda26"x4.0" fat tires

Recommended Rider Heights: 5.5’’ ~ 6.5’’

Extras: Color LCD Display with USB Charging, bright headlight, and taillight

Best Folding E-Bike: Magicycle Jaguarundi

Best Folding E-Bike: Magicycle Jaguarundi

Battery: 52V 15Ah Lithium Battery

Motor: 600W rear geared hub motor

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes (180 mm rotors)

Fork: Alloy Front Suspension Fork

Range: Up to 55 miles

Weight: 76 lb

Max load: 350 lb

Wheels: 20-inch x 4-inch fat tires

Recommended Rider Heights: 4’10’’ ~ 6’2’’

Extras: Backlit display, bright headlight, and taillight.

Best Commuter E-Bike: Magicycle Commuter Step Over Lightweight Electric Bike

Best Commuter E-Bike: Magicycle Commuter Step Over Lightweight Electric Bike

Motor: 350W Rear Hub Motor Motor

Brakes: Tektro M300 mechanical brakes

Range: Up to 40 miles

Weight: 56 lbs (lightweight)

Max load: 265 lbs

Wheels: Kenda 700C*38C

Recommended Rider Heights: 5'7"-6'5"

Display: Blacklight display (With USB Power Port)

In closing

The fact that e-bikes have become so popular is a good thing. Of course, they have attracted more and more people's attention. Whether you're looking for the best folding electric bike, the best cruiser bike, or the best electric mountain bike, we're sure you'll find the perfect one! For more e-bike information, please focus on Magicycle!

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