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July 31,2023

Up-gradable Electric Bicycle Parts: Maximizing Performance vs. Components to Avoid to change

Many of you probably know: the replacement of worn parts on an E-Bike or the exchange of standard equipment with products from other manufacturers is subject to certain specifications. Not everything can be combined or expanded at will. This is a big problem, especially in bike shops. But also for anyone who likes to do touch-ups at home. Technological and material advances push the limits of what an electric bicycle and its parts can do. To keep pace with these advances, recommendations on security measures as well as periodic reviews must be taken seriously by manufacturers. Magicycle is one of them. Take seriously all the parts of our e-bike.In this article, we'll explore the world of upgradable electric bicycle parts, maximizing...

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July 18,2023

Magicycle Electric MTB Components and Accessories for Sale

Electric assist bike motors and batteries add to the weight, power, and size of their frames and it has been inevitable that specific accessories and components have been developed to optimize their durability, safety, and performance. In recent years, manufacturers have launched a dizzying race to increase their offer of electric assistance models in the face of the growing demand for these bikes, but the design and manufacture of components and accessories that are adapted to their characteristics. The frames were modified to house the motor and battery, but the same components used by conventional bikes were maintained. Magicycle has changed and specific products for electric bikes are being developed.  Contents 1. Specific components for electric MTB bikes 1.1 Suspensions...