May 26,2023

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Ebike Motors

To keep your ebikes for sale performing greatly, it is clear that you need to maintain your electric bikes in an all-around way regularly. Many parts of an ebike need maintenance, such as the tires, batteries, etc. Among those components, I am sure the motor should be one of the most important gears to be maintained as it is the power source of an ebike. In this article, We are going to share with you 5 basic tips for ebike motor maintenance, just stick with us.

Tip 1: Keep your motors from water or moisture

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Generally, most ebikes motors can accept light water exposure as long as they can dry out quickly and don't start to rust, especially in hot summer.

But if it is raining and humid, then you must make sure you don't ride through puddles or in wet conditions, cause you know it is not possible for any ebike to be waterproof, and this is going to put your motor at more risks of getting broken. Sometimes it may be unavoidable to meet that situation, you may need to consider purchasing a waterproof cover for your motors.

And I know most of you would like to clean your bikes in this hot season, of course, that is okay, but one important thing is that you couldn’t be careful enough when it comes to cleaning the areas around the motor, trying to keep the motor area from getting wet.

Tip 2: Avoid overheating

It is hot summer right now and this season has contributed to overheating of many vehicles around the globe every year. What’s worse is that the global temperature is rising dramatically year by year due to some environmental factors.

For any kind of motor, overheating is always a major issue, leading to the malfunction of any vehicle easily. So if you have to ride your ebike in hot weather, your ebike motors should be made cool.

Basically, when you smell a distinctive odor or hear some weird noise from your motor, they may be the signs of overheating. To make your ebike motor cool, you should first look for a safe parking spot and stop using your ebikes. It will be better if you can keep them from strong hot sunlight. Also, make sure the ventilation holes are not blocked.

Most motors have a built-in auto-cut-off switch, which turns off the motors automatically if they get too hot. To be exact, you need to remove obstructions around motors so that they can dissipate heat much more efficiently. Also, avoid taking a long ride in the strong sunlight, even though you can tolerate that heat from sunlight, the motors possibly won't.

Tip 3: Store your motors in dry and well-ventilated places.

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Honestly, there may be weeks or months when you don't ride your ebikes for some specific reason, then you must store them somewhere. However, not all the spots are suitable for ebike storage.

Generally, extremely cold or hot weather will not do any good to your ebike motors. Being stored under both extreme conditions, your ebike motors may be exposed to irreversible damage. To store your ebikes, you need to choose a spot that is dry and well-ventilated and where the relative humidity is lower than 65%. The recommended temperature in that place is between 5° and 35°.

By the way, if it would be a few months or longer for you to put your ebike in a storage room, then you are recommended to make your ebike work for 5 minutes without anything or anybody on it. This can be done once a month and enables the motors to operate smoothly.

Tip 4: Try not to disassemble motors

The design of an ebike motor could be complicated, you would never know how much effort those manufacturers put in producing motors unless you are a pro, but the truth is that most of us are just amateurs of electric bikes for adults.

The reason why I mentioned this is that we don’t recommend you to disassemble ebike motors. I know some amateurs may try to do that out of curiosity or whatever, which is quite unnecessary as it makes no difference. And if you disassemble ebike motors, chances are you may change something important, leading to their malfunction of them and unexpected accidents.

Tip 5: Keep Your Motors Clean

One of the most important ways to maintain your ebike motors is to keep them clean. Just clean your electric bikes regularly, especially after you are riding off-road, from which your motors can get dirty with dust and sand.

To clean the motors, you can a soft cloth and soap to remove dirt and sand. This is going to keep them cool and keep sand from being stuck in the motors. Just as I mentioned above, remember to prevent the motor area from getting wet.

This is all about ebike motor maintenance. As one of the most important components, the ebike motor plays a significant part in ebike performance. Therefore, I think it is definitely necessary for all ebike lovers to maintain and protect their ebike motors.

Those are the 5 tips for maintaining ebike motors. As a power source, an ebike motor should be taken good care of. And if you do so, I believe your ebikes can stay fast and powerful as usual.

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