May 26,2023

Camp with Your Ebikes? These Are the Things You Should Know

Without any doubt, electric bikes are a gift for those who are into riding. There are a growing number of ebikers in America. Research shows that more than ebike manufacturers in America sold 180,000 electric bikes in 2021.

Due to the increasing popularity of ebikes for sale, more and more people are trying to camp with their electric bikes. However, not all of them are clear about how to camp with ebikes properly. So, in this blog, I am going to share with you the necessary things for camping with ebikes.

Best Friends for Camping — Electric Bikes

Magicycle Camping Ebikes

Obviously, electric bikes are a green means of transportation. Almost anyone can use electric bikes as they are powered by motors, enabling people to go further without breaking a lot of sweat. Even for little kids, there are electric bikes specifically designed for children.

Ebikes are convenient. If you want to go camping, you don’t have to drive a car. Instead, an ebike can do the job as it can carry the cargo needed. Moreover, you don’t need to bother about looking for a parking spot. Compared with cars, ebikes are much smaller and can be placed almost anywhere without occupying much space. Of course, some riders prefer putting their ebikes in the trunk and driving to the campsite, which is great as well.

3 Tips for Camping with Ebikes

Yeah, it is clear that ebikes are a great tool for camping. But, before hopping on your electric bikes, here are xx tips for you to have a better experience.

1. Get a Plan

Camping with ebikes is quite different from camping with cars. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind. For example, is the terrain of the campsites suitable for riding? Are there bike trails for ebikes? These two things can make a huge difference in your riding experience.

However, if your ebikes are Magicycle Cruiser Pro, you don’t need to bother about that. Magicycle Cruiser Pro has a pair of all-terrain fat tires, conquering all kinds of terrain easily. It is equipped with a pair of hydraulic disc brakes, providing strong braking force to avoid getting hurt while riding downhill on the campsite.

Also, there are many other situations that should be taken into consideration. You can make a list to keep those things in mind

2. Bring Necessities

When you choose to go camping with ebikes, the necessities you should pack up can change as well. Considering that you are going to stay for a few nights, besides a tent, a sleeping bag or something else like that, you must take up with you an ebike headlight that can show you the way ahead clearly at night. It is really significant as it will lead to fatal accidents while riding in the dark.

Magicycle has a 1000LM bright headlight, which can run for a maximum of 18 hours. The headlight is 360° rotated with the bracket and has 4 modes, fitting various outdoor activities. 

3. Prepare for charging

The time it will take you to ride to a campsite will vary. Sometimes you may spend quite a huge amount of time doing that, which will possibly drain out your battery. To prevent this situation, here I got two methods.

The first one is that you can choose a campsite where there are charging stations by asking friends or netizens from forums. The second one is preparing a larger battery.

A battery of larger capacity can keep your ebike working for a long distance. Magicycle Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 52V 20Ah battery, which provides a max range of 80 miles. If you camp with Ocelot Pro, you possibly don’t need to charge it until it takes you home.

What to Look for Before Purchasing an Ebike for Camping

Magicycle Pearl White Fat Tire Ebike

To buy an electric bike for camping, you should take many factors into consideration, here is the list of them:

1. The tires should be fat ones. The terrain in the camp area is usually rough and uneven. Road tires, which are thin and light, can conquer that kind of terrain. What is worse is that you may have flat tires while riding off-road. So make sure you buy a fat tire electric bike.

2. Select an ebike with a powerful motor. Riding in the camp area almost equals riding off-road. That means great ebike performance is required. The Ocelot Pro has a 750W 96Nm motor, providing excellent acceleration up to 25 Km/h. The 96 Nm is equivalent to the torque level of an 800cc gas-fueled Motorcycle. It can help you overcome various terrain easily and effortlessly.

3. Choose an ebike with hydraulic disc brakes. What makes hydraulic disc brakes impressive is their strong braking force. Compared with mechanical brakes, you can use only two fingers to apply hydraulic disc brakes easily. Their strong braking force can prevent you from getting hurt by unexpected situations.

4. Make sure you can sit on an ebike comfortably. As I mentioned above, riding at a campsite is almost the same as riding off-road. In that case, the seats of electric bikes for adults should be soft and shock-absorbing, giving you a more comfortable riding experience. Here we recommend you purchase a suspension seat post with a soft saddle. The combination of these two things can make your rides more enjoyable.

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