May 26,2023

A Few Tips To Prolong The Service Of Your Ebike Parts

As we all know, due to the epidemic and the overlap of various factors, the demand in the ebike industry has shown an increasing trend in recent years, but the manufacturers have not been able to keep up with the demand. The ebike and parts shortage is real, and while many forecasters say it will continue into 2022, perhaps everyone has already braced for a long-term shortage. In this case, you may need to use the existing parts for a longer period of time. Here are some suggestions, highlighting some areas that may be overlooked, so your pieces can have a longer life than expected.
1. Choose when and where you travel
Not driving in inclement weather conditions will greatly increase the life of your transmission, brakes, tires, and bearings. Of course, sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you can choose not to ride wet, muddy, or padded gravel trails, your bike will thank you.
If it is absolutely unavoidable or you plan to travel off-road, then you need to consider whether the route you choose will have water build-up. For example, after a heavy rain, trails and gravel paths will be wetter than wide paths. A little adjustment to your route will greatly extend the life of your replacement parts.
2. Clean your transmission, lubricate the chain
Keeping your transmission clean and lubricated can greatly increase the life of your transmission. As an extreme example, in case of lack of maintenance, the entire transmission of the same model rusts after less than 1000miles of use and must be replaced, while those who keep it clean and use high quality lubricants, only the chain can use. at least 5000miles.
In order to seek fringe benefits, people have developed different chain oils. A well-maintained chain can have a lifespan of more than 10,000 miles, while other components are well beyond this category. If you feel that the chain load is rough or dry during driving, you should lubricate it as soon as possible. Generally, chain oil is divided into wax type (dry) and oil type (wet type). Generally speaking, wax type chain oil is not easy to stain and is suitable for drying; environment friendly, reduces chain wear; Oily chain oil is suitable for humid environments, with stronger adhesion, but it is easy to dirty.
Checking the chain for wear and tension in time is another important point to protect the transmission system. Before your chain wears out and lengthens, you should replace it in time, so as not to accelerate the flywheel and disc wear, or break and cause unpredictable damage. A chain rule is usually required to confirm if the chain is stretched. Some brands of chain come with a chain ruler, which should be replaced immediately when the chain exceeds the stretch warning line.
3. Implement preventive maintenance
If your ebike has moving parts like shock absorbers or dropper posts, fine dust can get trapped under the seal and gradually damage the surfaces of those telescoping parts. Suppliers typically recommend having similar parts serviced at 50 or 100 hours of use, and if you can't remember when the last service was, it's definitely time to do it.
4. Brake block inspection
Whether you're using disc or rim brakes, braking surfaces will wear out over time, but taking precautions can go a long way toward improving the life of the part. For rim brakes, this action can be as simple as wiping the rims down with a clean rag and removing any buildup from the brake pads.
For disc brakes, the most common cause of premature wear is uneven friction caused by improperly installed calipers or warped pads. Disc brake road kits are one of the parts hardest hit by supply chain shortages, and adjustments to brakes can have a huge impact on wear and braking performance. Usually when the thickness of the pad is less than 1mm, the pad can be replaced. Also, don't forget the disc will eventually wear out. Checking the relevant parts in time can find the problem asap.
5. Avoid getting wet with sweat and keep it active
The weather is cold and many riders choose to use the riding platform at home. Due to the relatively fixed posture and the large amount of dripping sweat, it is very likely that the sweat will penetrate the inside of the parts, and the salt carried in the sweat will accelerate the oxidation of the metal parts. In addition, the accumulated salt will also cause damage to the parts. The images of many parts corroded by salt on the Internet are shocking.
Therefore, when using the riding platform or driving on a muddy road or after driving, you should avoid direct infiltration of sweat and mud into the parts. If it has been infiltrated by accident, please actively clean it, which will greatly extend the service life.

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