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Repair a Puncture Guide - This Is How to Replace Electric Bike Tires

Whether you want to help the environment by driving around less or just want to transition to a bike with a motor for an easier ride, you need an electric bike. But there is still some problem when we use the bicycle for sport or our daily trips we are never safe from a puncture. Almost everyone knows how to repair a puncture on a "normal" bike, but what to do to repair a puncture when we use an e-bike? In this article, we will focus on how to easily repair a puncture on an electric bike!

Whether you have a classic bike or an electric bike, there have one thing is for sure which is getting a flat tire will always be annoying and uncomfortable. What’s more, in the case of e-bikes it is even worse, especially if the bike has the motor in the rear wheel and we puncture that wheel. 

The motor shaft can be the wheel hub itself and even serve as an anchor for the luggage rack and other elements. In these cases, it can be difficult to remove the rear wheel in the middle of the street, but it is always possible to repair a puncture in the simplest way possible to be able to continue our route. And let’s follow the below steps to repair a puncture.

Step 1 - Deflate the Tire

When we suffer a puncture, in some cases it may be enough to use a patch, which will allow us to quickly repair the inner tube. The process is the same on both muscle bikes and electric bikes for adults. However, when it comes to an e-bike it is not necessary to disassemble the wheel, it does not make sense to complicate your life. It's best to start by completely deflating the tire on your electric bike. To do this, if you have a Presta valve, you can just loosen the valve core and push it in simply.

Step 2: Removing the tire and inner tube

We need to remove the tire through tire changers and access the inner tube. We take it out and inflate it with an air pump. After we locate the puncture; we need to be attentive to listen for the hissing sound of air coming out of the puncture. If you do not hear it, you can wet a finger with water and run it through the tube to see where there may be air bubbles.

Step 3: Apply a patch

After we found out the air bubbles, we need to apply a patch, you need to sand all around the puncture using sandpaper. And you need to apply a thin layer of contact adhesive to the area. After a few minutes wait while the glue dries. Once this is done, remove the protective film from the patch and place it on the puncture. 

Step 4: Reassemble the tire

Once the tube is repaired we re-inflate it slightly and remount it on the wheel. We reassemble the tire with our hands and press the sidewalls of the tire making sure that the tube is not pinched by the rim. We inflate it little by little checking that the sidewalls are correctly mounted along the rim.

Change the inner tube

inner tube

Apply patch is one of the solutions to repair a puncture, but if we see that our air loses quickly when we get a puncture. This time, we must have suffered a big cut in the inner tube. 

In such a case it will be difficult to repair and the procedure to follow is to change the inner tube. In this case, we will not disassemble the wheel either. We will follow the same steps as in the previous case until we get to where we need to remove the inner tube from the tire. We will have to cut the inner tube with scissors or a knife, then remove it completely from the wheel. 

It will be necessary to use a linear inner tube, which can be mounted without removing the wheel. You need to place the valve in the hole and then insert the inner tube around the rim. You also need to inflate it so that it can take shape inside the tire. As inflation proceeds, the two ends of the tube will touch each other or overlap, depending on the model, having the equivalent of a conventional inner tube. After you inflate the tire to the correct pressure; means it is ready to continue the march, better if it is with a pump with a pressure gauge. This is the best way to make sure you have the correct pressure in your tire.

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