You Can Now Choose Your Ebike Helmet with New Strategy July 03,2023

You Can Now Choose Your Ebike Helmet with New Strategy

Do you need an E-bike helmet, or are you about to buy one? The e-bike helmet is the most sensitive element as it represents our safety. More than just that, it will be your best ally if you suffer a fall. Please remember that brain injuries are the leading cause of death among cyclists. Choosing a good helmet is essential to enjoy your cycling gateways. Leaving aside the marketing and terminology many brands use, here are the most important aspects so you know everything about your bike helmet. 

There are hundreds of models, and it cannot be said that bad helmets are on the market today. But as you can see, Obviously, a $100 helmet will always offer different benefits than a $1000 one.


You will always need a helmet wherever and whenever you ride. You can expect a fall in your next 4,500 kilometers ridden, or much sooner than if you need to be more careful!

According to the research. Shows that head injuries cause 75% of annual bicycle accident fatalities. Medical research shows that an e-bike helmet can prevent 85% of head injuries in an e-bike. (Reference:

Forward speed is not the most crucial crash force; it is the fall to the pavement. Even a low-speed fall on a trail can damage the brain. Automobile accidents are the most deadly. The speed of the impact with the car can be critical, but at city speeds, the fall after the vehicle hits you and the second hit on the pavement can still be the most brutal hit.

How to choose the right Helmet that fits your need?

A helmet reduces the peak energy of a hard impact. This requires a layer of rigid foam to cushion the crushing blow. Most e-bike helmets do this with expanded polystyrene (EPS), similar to white cork packaging, but much more compact; such material can provide extra ventilation and absorption. But once crushed, EPS does not recover. Another foam, expanded polypropylene (EPP), heals but is much less common. The Helmet must stay on your head even when you get hit more than once - usually a car first, then the road. Therefore, it needs a strong strap and an equally strong fastener.

And it is better to choose white or another bright color for visibility to be sure drivers and other cyclists can see. It is essential to be concerned about the standard of the Helmet as a minimum, and they have to meet the industry standards: CPSC is the standard required by the United States. Check the helmet standards before you purchase it.

Size of Helmets

The size of the Helmet. This is a fundamental aspect for it to fulfill its function correctly. Most helmets come in sizes, either S (small), M (Medium), or L (Large). The measurement is according to the centimeters your head circumference can measure, so buying the correct size and fit is vital. Ensure your Helmet fits appropriately to get all the protection you are paying for. A good fit means a level on the head, with the foam pads touching all around.

The Helmet should not move more than about an inch in any direction. You may need to tighten the front straps if the Helmet leans back or the back straps if it pushes forward. Be prepared to wrestle with the straps to get things right. Often, lower-end helmets are one size fits all. Many brands have dimensions corresponding to the head's circumference (calculated in centimeters).

Comfort Requirements

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Cooling, ventilation, fit and sweat control are the most critical comfort needs. Airflow over the head determines coolness, and larger front openings provide better airflow. You may need a forehead pad or a separate sweatband if you sweat a lot. Weight is not an issue with today's helmets, although exceptions exist.

When should I replace a helmet?

Replace any helmet on impact. Impact crushes some of the foam, although the damage may not be visible. Helmets work so well that you should look for dents or dings to know if it is damaged. Manufacturers recommend replacement after three to five years. And it would be best if you changed your Helmet after an accident. You should replace your Helmet without hesitation if you land on your head. The EPS core is designed for a single impact. If it becomes deformed, it won't offer you adequate protection in the event of a second mishap.

Ebike Helmet Recommendation

Magicycle offers all customers different but high-quality e-bike helmets. We are meant to create and provide customers with a more comfortable and safe riding experience. Here are the ebike helmets that Magicycle provided. Every Helmet has DUAL SAFETY CERTIFIED: This e-bike helmet is certified dual safety. The bike helmet is made up of a durable, high-density PC shell and EPS foam that makes this bicycle helmet absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe.

In conclusion, regardless of taste and budget, wear a helmet in all circumstances. The worst falls lurk where you least expect them. Thank you for always being with us; for more information, it can be found here.

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