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Why Is My Ebike Battery Dying So Fast?

As one of the most important components of electric bikes, electric bike batteries are the ones that get the most attention. After all, electric bikes can’t be called “ebikes” without a power source.

With this in mind, everyone wants to get the best performance out of their ebike batteries, but not all of them are able to. I always hear people say that their ebike batteries are draining faster than they expect.

Well, people may tell you that this is complicated because the efficiency of an ebike battery can be affected by many factors, but that still can’t work things out, right? As I usually do, I will walk you through every potential cause or reason for your battery draining so fast.

1. The Way You Charge

The ways you charge your batteries or your charging habits are pretty crucial for how long they can last. Basically, all of us are recommended to follow the instructions regarding charging times and procedures, but the fact is that most of us won’t. And that’s the reason why we always overcharge or undercharge our ebike batteries, leading to a decreased performance and shorter lifespan. So, make sure you are using the correct charger and avoid leaving your battery plugged in for excessively long periods.

If you are new to electric bikes, see how to charge an ebike battery here. 

2. How Much Weight Do Your Ebikes Carry?

It is a simple concept: The more weight your electric bikes are carrying, the more burden you are putting on the motors. Then the motor will inevitably extract more energy from the battery.

And, no offense, it is the same for heavy rides. That’s why people online ask if an obese person can ride an ebike. Anyway, for heavy riders, I would suggest picking up an ebike with a large load capacity. That will help a lot.

3. The Riding Conditions

The riding conditions are the reason that people always mention. Normally, riding conditions can be pretty much various. Some ebike riders tend to go uphill cause they live in a hilly city; others love riding on trails instead of city streets for adventures.

Wherever we ride our ebikes, we will get a different range per charge on different terrain. Smooth city streets always consume less energy than bumpy roads while you are riding on the same ebike.

When aiming to preserve battery life, Consider adjusting your riding style and opting for less demanding routes.

4. Using PAS or Throttle

For electric bikes for adults with both PAS and throttles, the range per charger can be a little bit different. Sometimes when we just use the PAS along the way, the battery can last longer than expected. Next time when we use the throttle more, the battery is dying so fast.

So maybe you are just using the throttle too much if your ebike battery is dying quickly. In this case, why not try to use both throttle and PAS so that you can get the speed you want without consuming too much energy?

5. How old Is Your Battery?

Over time, ebike batteries can lose their capacity to hold a full charge due to regular usage and aging. This is quite normal for most batteries. If you notice a significant decrease in your battery's performance, it may be time to get a replacement battery. BTW, proper maintenance, such as cleaning contacts and ensuring good electrical connections, can help improve battery efficiency and lifespan.

6. Tire Pressure

Do you still remember the last time when you pump your tires? I bet many of you guys don’t have a habit of checking out the tire pressure regularly. When the tires are getting underinflated, they can increase the rolling resistance, forcing your ebike motor to work harder and consume more power. So, check your tire pressure on a regular basis, and make sure it matches the recommended levels specified by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Well, if the above reasons don’t fix the issue you are having, maybe it is time to get to a local mechanic or contact Magicycle at +1 213-900-7090 or Support@magicyclebike.com, the 24/7 customer team is always happy to help.

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