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Up-gradable Electric Bicycle Parts: Maximizing Performance vs. Components to Avoid to change

Many of you probably know: the replacement of worn parts on an E-Bike or the exchange of standard equipment with products from other manufacturers is subject to certain specifications. Not everything can be combined or expanded at will. This is a big problem, especially in bike shops. But also for anyone who likes to do touch-ups at home. 

Technological and material advances push the limits of what an electric bicycle and its parts can do. To keep pace with these advances, recommendations on security measures as well as periodic reviews must be taken seriously by manufacturers. Magicycle is one of them. Take seriously all the parts of our e-bike.

In this article, we'll explore the world of upgradable electric bicycle parts, maximizing performance, and the components to avoid.

Recommendations (better not to change or use the same brand product)

Control unit on the handlebar
load unit
electronic controls
Electric cables
Manufacturer's approval is required:
Break system
Rim Brake Shoes
hub motor wheel
Luggage carrier

No special approval is required (All the brands are suitable): 

steering game
bottom bracket
front derailleur
rear derailleur
Shift Lever / Twist Grip
Transmission cables and hoses
Chainring/pulley / cassette
chain guard
wheel protectors
rim tape
Air chamber and valve, each of the same type
Battery/battery powered headlights
spoke reflector
Screw Clamp Cuffs

Accessories with special mounting instructions:

child seats
additional luggage racks
Rearview mirrors
front baskets
Bicycle bags and panniers
Fixed weather protection
Extra battery/headlights with battery

Recommendations for handling S-pedelecs

Braking system
Brake disc/brake hose / brake pad
Handlebar-stem unit
seat post
front light
Taillight with brake light and license light, if applicable

Understanding the Benefits of Upgradable Electric Bicycle Parts. Upgrading electric bicycle components offers numerous advantages. By swapping out certain parts, riders can achieve higher speeds, increased range, better handling, and improved overall efficiency. Upgrades allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without purchasing an entirely new bike. Moreover, personalized upgrades cater to individual preferences, ensuring a more enjoyable riding experience.

But there is one last thing that you need to remember, it is crucial to maintain compatibility and invest in quality components to ensure safety and optimal results.

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