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Must-Have Electric Bike Accessories Fix Tools: Essential Gear for Your Electric Bikes

It is not easy to choose the tools and accessories to put in your backpack when you go cycling, as the number of incidents that can occur is varied.

So, is it better to be prepared to face any adversity that may occur in the middle of the field or is it better to relax in the face of the impossibility of facing everything?

In this article, I will talk about all the tools and accessories that are essential for any cycling trip, whether on the road or in the mountains. The goal is to be self-sufficient to avoid being stranded in the middle of the mountain or at the expense of the charity of a cyclist who can lend us a hand.

Electric Bicycle multitool

The multi-tool for the ebike cyclist is like the multi-tool knife for the mountaineer. It is a practically obligatory accessory with which to solve the slightest but no less common mechanical incidents: who hasn't loosened a screw on the derailleur or moved a cleat in the boot?

There are many types of multitools. In the case of the electric bicycle, it is recommended that you have a screwdriver, different sizes of Allen and Torch-type wrenches, and also a chain tool. If it does not have a chain tool, it should be carried separately, as chain breakage is one of the most frequent breakdowns.

Deck remover-tire changer

If we had to change the inner tube due to a puncture, we needed a tire changer to remove the tire. 

A tip: It is preferable to use the tire levers only to remove the tire. To mount it again, I recommend doing it by hand, since most of the pinched tubes -which can cause future punctures- are caused by mounting the tires with the tire changers.

There are cheap tire changers on the market, but they are not practical. They are usually made of poor-quality plastic and end up bending or breaking at the slightest opportunity.

Quick link

One of the most common breakdowns, especially in mountain biking, is chain breakage due to poor chain lubrication, pedalling force while shifting gears, or a collision with rocks, bushes or other elements.

The best option to solve this problem is to use a chain cutter, remove the damaged link and replace it with a quick link. With a chain cutter and a quick link, we will have fixed this fault in a couple of minutes.

However, it is advisable to learn how to use it. It is not complicated, but it is always better to practice one day at home with an old chain, without haste, without cold, rain or mud. We will learn better and this way we will avoid that our first time is hell.

Keep in mind that, just as each sprocket corresponds to a different chain, there are no universal quick links. We must take the one that corresponds to our chain. So, before buying a quick link, make sure it is compatible with the chain on your electric bikes.

Tubes, patches and wicks - puncture repair kit

It is always advisable to carry a spare tube, even when we mount tubeless tires. In addition to the inconvenience of getting a puncture in the middle of a route, there is always the risk of the tire cracking and the tubeless liquid not being able to close the hole.

It is also advisable to carry a small puncture repair kit that includes patches, glue and sandpaper, whether you mount tires with tube or tubeless wheels. Can you imagine that your tire cracks, you put the tube and you get a puncture again? Well, it's more common than you think.


A lifesaver that doesn't weigh, doesn't take up space and can save you in the strangest breakage situations that could occur is to carry a few cable ties.

A good place to store them can be in your tool bag or on the handlebars of your electric mountain bikes; you remove the plugs from the grips and tuck them inside the handlebars. Then you'll never remember them again until you need them.

In the world of cycling, there are those who load up their bikes with every accessory and tool imaginable, and then there are the minimalist riders who keep it simple. Whether you fall into the former or latter category, the most important thing is to enjoy the ride and make the most of your electric bike experience. So, whether you're decked out in cycling gear from head to toe or just carrying the essentials, remember that what matters most is the freedom, thrill, and adventure that an electric bicycle brings to your life. Happy riding!

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