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What Accessories should I Get with My Electric Bike?

If you are just getting into electric bikes, you must have a whole lot of questions about them. And sure, you may not be sure about what ebike accessories are needed to upgrade your ebike rides, making the most out of it. Buying the necessary accessories can help you gain more fun and be safer while some unnecessary gear can make riding worse than you expect. So, here is the guide to help you pick up some must-have accessories along the way. Come and grab some gear you need to have fun!

1. Rear Bike Basket

rear bike basket

People purchase electric bikes for all kinds of purposes. Some may choose electric mountain bikes for off-road adventures while others use ebikes for just only doing some deliveries. Whatever the purposes are, there must some be situations where they need to carry something along the way.

Of course, many ebikes come with rear racks, on which riders can put their cargo on, but sometimes a rear rack is totally not enough. That is when you need a rear bike basket. Simply, you can just carry all the necessary stuff inside the basket and don’t need a backpack. A rear bike basket could be pretty convenient when you are making deliveries. All you need to do is put things in and take them out. Compared to a rear rack, a rear bike basket can better protect your belongings.

2. Ebike Rack

ebike car rack

Riding an ebike could be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. You are ready to go once you twist the throttle or pedal. However, all the electric bikes for sale have their own range, and they are not able to go as far as a vehicle can even if they are long-range electric bikes.

So how can we transport our ebikes while we are going to a distant destination? An ebike rack can actually help. Here what I mean ebike rack is not a rear rack, it is actually an electric bike car rack that can be mounted on the rear part of a car. Obviously, an ebike rack can help people transport ebikes easily. Most ebike racks for cars are designed to be sturdy with a load capacity of 145 pounds. They usually can hold up to 2 electric bikes for adults.

With an ebike rack, you can always take your electric bikes together wherever you go. Also, an ebike rack of average quality is designed to hold the bikes tightly to make sure they won't fall off on the road, so no worries.

3. 52V Ebike Battery

52V ebike battery

In fact, the 52V ebike battery is more like a recommendation rather than a must-have accessory as not all those ebike manufacturers have 52V ebike batteries. When it comes to a battery, which is a vital part of an electric bike, we know it could be 36V or 48V mostly. That means a 52V battery is kind of rare on the market.

So, what is all for? Why do I have to choose a 52V ebike battery? Compared with 36V or 48V batteries, 52V ebike batteries provide far more energy, thus granting a longer range for ebikes. Also, they lead to higher power output and increased torque. This will help a lot in the climbing ability of ebikes. Most importantly, 52V ebike batteries are designed to last longer than other kinds of batteries, expanding the battery life.

Magicycle is skilled at making 52V ebike batteries. They are built to be compatible with Magicycle’s high-performance motors. This is how Magicycle produces ebikes of high quality and great performance. Click here to check out more Magicycle Ebikes.

4. Bike Speaker

bike speaker

Riding an electric bike can bring a lot of fun, but have you ever thought about making it more fun? A bike speak plays that role. With a bike speaker, you could just listen to your favorite music or podcasts to make you energetic, especially when you are taking a long rang ride. It is going to make your ebike rides more enjoyable and entertaining.

Also, you can use a bike speaker to hear your phone, like voice prompts for navigation, phone calls, or alerts. In this case, you will not be distracted by taking out your phone or something, which can be pretty dangerous on the road.

Moreover, a bike speaker works in a more encouraging way. You can just listen to anything you love for motivation, which can give you an extra push to finish a workout or long ride.

That is all for today’s guide to buying ebike accessories. Of course, there are still all kinds of ebike accessories out there. You can just explore them whenever you like to find out what fits you the best. Check out the accessory list to look for the best accessories for you.

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