May 26,2023

Long Range Electric Bike: How Far Can You Go on a Single Charge?

As cyclists, there are many considerations and questions when choosing an electric bike, and they all want answers before they buy. One of the most common questions regarding electric mountain bikes is how far can I ride on a single charge?

The range is really one of the most important features you should consider whenaz choosing electric bikes. It will differ from one situation to another and between different ebike batteries and motors. What is clear is that the better the battery, the wider the range of an e-bike will be on a single charge.

In this article, we’ll discuss what ebike range is, what factors affect the range of an e-bike, and show what to do to ensure that you get the most miles out of your electric bike.

What is the range of an ebike

The range of an electric bike is the distance it can travel before needing to be recharged. The more battery capacity you have, the further you can cycle with pedal assistance.

Most common electric bikes can travel up to 50-60 miles before needing to be recharged. If you choose our Mangicycle cruiser pro fat tire electric bike, you will also enjoy a relatively long-distance off-road riding experience.

Factors that affect the range

There are several different characteristics of electric mountain bikes that affect how many miles you get per charge. Here are some important features that will affect the range of your ebike. It’s important to understand these features before you set off on any long-distance rides.

Pedal capacity

Pedal more when riding definitely helps increase your range. If you're relying solely on power from the battery, the power of it might run out quicker. But if you have an electric fat tire bike, like a Magicycle cruiser with power and adjustable 7-level pedal assist, you can combine your own power with the power coming from the battery while you're out. And then you can save some power from the battery and get a longer range.

Battery capacity

Of all the factors that determine the range of an electric bike is the battery capacity. It is the determining variable for the others. Basically, the larger the battery capacity, the more energy you'll have and the further you'll be able to travel. Every Magicycle is equipped with one of the most powerful batteries available. We use 52V batteries in all of our e-bikes. You will enjoy exceptional power, range, reliability, and a long lifespan.

Weight and load capacity

The weight of the rider and the e-bike’s weight both affect how fast you can go and the overall battery life. An electric bike battery range is reduced by heavier bicycles and riders. The heavier you are, you will have to pedal harder or boost your assistance level, both of which will drain the battery and reduce your range more quickly. Therefore, there’s a lot of weight resistance which will make it more difficult to get your e-bike moving, especially if you don’t use any electric pedal assist or throttle.

How to improve your ebike range

Magicycle Cruiser

Many riders struggle with the range of their electric bike. A poor riding range can be a severe problem for those who need their electric bicycle for long distances. There are actually a lot of things that can be done to improve the range of an electric bike and some things will give a better return than others. You can do the following thing to improve the range of your e-bike.

Maintain ebike properly

The most critical thing to do before you go out for a ride is to make sure your e-bike is in good working order. The maintenance tasks include:

1. Clean and lube the bike chain to keep it running well and extend the life of your ride.

2. Check tires for other damage or wear that may cause them to go flat during a ride.

3. Check for any loose bolts, screws, or nuts before you head out.

4. Brake pads wear down over time, so be sure to check your brake.

An electric bike, like any bike, needs regular maintenance. Cleaning and taking care of your ebike will keep it running smoothly, efficiently, and safely, all of which can contribute to a longer lifespan for the battery and improve the range of your ebike.

Don’t overuse the throttle

If you use the throttle frequently enough, the battery range can be shortened. This inevitably affects the battery power and the range of your ebike. You can tell this by noticing the battery life of your e-bike when going up steep hills or starting from a standstill. If you use the pedal assist option, you’ll notice that there’s no need for more input and power to get up steep hills as soon as your legs start moving. Therefore, it is important to avoid overuse of the throttle.

Magicycle long-range electric bike

Magicycle cruiser pro is the right type of ebike that will get you the furthest through all terrain. It is a perfect blend of the most important features that an electric bike should have. The bike is equipped with a 750W hub motor and 52 V 20 Ah lithium battery and offers a range between 50-80 miles on a single charge, which is long enough for most of you.

In addition, this type of battery allows you to enjoy excellent performance and a long lifespan. If you are looking to get yourself our cruiser pro ebike, both the power of motor and battery will not let you down.

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