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What You Need To Know About Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric bikes have a suspension system that allows them to be a reliable, comfortable, and excellent choice for experienced and beginner riders, as well as for adults and elders.

If you’re wondering why suspension is key for electric mountain bikes, this post will come in handy.

In this article, you can learn about suspension systems and what makes a great electric MTB. Including what is a suspension system and why it matters, the benefits of full-suspension electric mountain bikes, and what to look for on an electric mountain bike.

What Is Suspension On Electric Mountain Bikes?

Suspension on electric mountain bikes is very important to ensure you have a pleasant, comfortable, and reliable ride. But what really is suspension? It is a system that allows the electric bike to smoothly navigate through uneven terrain, absorbing all bumps and rocks on the road without compromising your stability.

Apart from this, the suspension allows bikes to never lose energy while riding, which comes in handy for long-distance riding as well as reducing the amount of effort riders have to make when stopping and resuming their riding again.

A good suspension system is essential for electric bikes though to be used both on and off the road. Overall, suspension is the key to a comfortable and safe ride.

There are various suspension systems, including spring, pneumatic, resistance rubber, and hydraulic. Spring and hydraulic suspension systems are the most commonly used in electric bikes and the ones that provide the most benefits and comfort for the rider, as well as enhanced control and traction for the ebike.

Benefits Of Having A Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Having a full-suspension electric mountain bike with a quality suspension system is essential if you’re looking to have the best rides ever, every time you hop on your ebike, plus, make the most out of your investment.

There are many benefits of having a full suspension ebike worth mentioning in this part, and we’ll talk about key topics including comfort, price, personal growth, and more.

To begin, a suspension system on a full-suspension electric mountain bike will ensure you have a pleasant ride. This has to do with the ability of the suspension system to preserve the stability of the ebike, even in complicated terrain.

When it comes to price, one of the advantages of investing in an electric MTB that not many people think about involves saving up money on gas or public transport. For people who are looking to reduce their transportation costs, investing in a full-suspension ebike is recommended.

As for personal growth, for people who are looking to get in shape or go outside more often, having a quality EMTB bike that is comfortable and stable can help a lot. Exercising is fundamental to keeping your body healthy, thus sedentarism can bring many unwanted health issues such as heart disease, obesity, bone problems, and more.

Finally, having a full-suspension electric mountain bike can help you connect with other electric MTB enthusiasts, enhancing your relationship with others and aiding in finding friends.

How To Choose The Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

full suspension electric mountain bike

As we’ve said at the beginning, the two most used, and highly recommended, suspension systems are spring and hydraulic. So, when looking for the best full-suspension electric mountain bike select with one of those suspension systems.

Hydraulic suspension systems are by far the most reliable, light, and effective of their class. Most popular electric bikes for sale have it, so you shouldn’t have a problem when choosing your preferred full suspension ebike model.

Apart from paying attention to the suspension system, we recommend you research other key features your future electric MTB should have. Some of these include:

1. Safety brake system

2. Throttle and pedal assistance

3. Powerful motor 

4. Large-capacity battery

In the following part, we discuss why the features mentioned, paired with a quality suspension system, can create the perfect electric mountain bike.

Specifications Of Electric Mountain Bike To Look For

Apart from choosing a quality suspension system, we highly recommend you spend time selecting an ebike model with certain specifications.

First, a brake system that is powerful yet easy to use anytime you need it is crucial on full-suspension electric bikes for adults. Since electric bikes can be used by riders with mobility issues, and back and knee problems, the brake system needs to provide a secure stop without needing to apply a huge amount of pressure.

Next, it is recommended that you look for a full-suspension electric mountain bike with throttle and pedal assistance. This will maximize your pedaling and reduce the amount of effort you’ll have to make to move your ebike.

As for the motor, it will come in handy on hills and roads that require a bit more strength and power. If you’re looking to minimize your effort when riding in difficult terrain, choosing an electric bike with a powerful motor is essential.

Finally, look for an electric MTB with a long-lasting battery. Some ebikes can do up to 80 miles per charging cycle, which is excellent. You can charge your ebike at night or while you’re at work to save time.

The combination of the powerful motor, 52V ebike battery, and excellent brake system with throttle and pedal assistance, is the key to having the best full-suspension electric mountain bike you can have in your life.

Final Words

In this post, we talked about the importance of suspension on electric MTB, sharing key information about what it is and why you should consider investing in a full suspension ebike.

Overall, having a quality suspension system on your electric mountain bike will ensure you have one of the best rides of your life. Including a comfortable and enjoyable time as well as being in total control of your bike at all times, even in complicated terrain.

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