May 26,2023

Top 5 Must-Have Electric Bike Accessories for Beginner Riders

Well, let’s say that your electric mountain bikes are charging in your house and you are waiting to take them out for an exhilarating ride. However, before you hit the roads for an adventure, we think you are supposed to carry some of those must-have accessories to get the best riding experience and avoid whatever bad situations you may encounter on the road.

You know that Magicycle is always here to help you out. The list below includes some of the most necessary accessories you must own. So, let’s get to it.

1. Ebike Helmet

What is an ebike helmet?

Electric bike helmets work by helping to dissipate the force of an impact when you crash. They have a polystyrene construction with a hard outer shell and are designed to compress to act as shock absorbers. However, once they are damaged, the helmets will need replacing immediately as they will no longer be effective.

Different Styles of Helmets


Road Cycling Helmet: This is the type of helmet we are most likely to have seen before. It is commonly used for gravel riding or some off-road electric mountain bike riding. They're typically lightweight and offer good ventilation and in some cases designed with aerodynamics in mind. They usually consist of polycarbonate shells and will spread the initial burst of energy across the surface when cracked. These materials are not only resilient to impact but also can survive a wide range of temperatures. Their shape is non-restrictive in terms of your movement or field of view, and they sit above the ears and not particularly low on the rear of your head. Generally, road cycling helmets tend to do a good job of covering all bases and can be seen as a bit of a do-it-all solution.
Road Cycling Helmet

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Smart Commuter Helmet: A smart commuter helmet offer slightly less ventilation than a road helmet as it's likely you won't be working quite so hard. they're often designed with some additional padding and offer more protection to the rear of your head. As smart helmets, they usually have some functions like auto on/off lights to remind other vehicles behind or front LED lights.
Commuter Smart Helmet

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2. Ebike Water Bottles

Ebike Bottles

No matter what type of electric bike rider you are, you must take a water bottle and drink more or less. Before buying a water bottle, there are some things you should know.

First up, the materials used. Whatever water bottles you are going to buy, they should be made of high-quality materials which don’t contain harmful substances or peculiar smells. This is all about your health and safety, which is the reason why we take it as a priority.

Second, the bottle should fit your bottle cage perfectly. Actually, it is okay to put a bottle in your backpack, but the problem is it may be quite hard to take it out, especially when you don’t stop cycling. Thus, it will be better if you put it in a bottle cage.

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3. Ebike Bags

Rear Rack Bag

Whether you are using your electric bikes for adults for daily commuting or running errands, an ebike bag is necessary for you to carry all kinds of essentials. There are also several kinds of ebike bags, but usually, we will recommend you use rear rack bags.

The type of bag is designed to be put on the rear rack. Usually, there will be hooks or claps to fix them and avoid falling off the rear rack. Compared with regular backpacks, most of them may be of smaller capacity, but they could be designed to have multiple pockets for all kinds of uses. Also, most of them are made to be waterproof so that all the stuff inside won’t get wet.

Some of you may tend to use backpacks. If you really like that, then it is okay. The reason why we don’t recommend it is that it will kind of squeeze your back while you are riding, making you feel uncomfortable. To put it simply, why would you prefer to put some extra weight on your back when you can have a bag fixed on the rear rack?

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4. Ebike Locks

Ebike Lock

Locks are always used to protect our electric bikes for adults from being stolen. Of course, there are all kinds of ebike locks as well. I will list some of them below.

Password Lock: This is one of the most classic ones. It requires no keys and is portable. With the 100,000 5-digit passwords, no one can unlock it easily.

Foldable Chain Lock: It is another easy-to-carry lock as it can be folded to a small size. They are practical and can be used under many circumstances.

U-lock: U-locks are another classic one. They are usually made of alloy steel so can’t be broken they easily. However, as they are not elastic, they may not work in some cases.

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5. Ebike Battery

Ebike Battery

A second battery plays an important role in keeping your ebikes going farther. I know that a large battery may be enough for most bike rides, but there may be some times when you forget to charge them.

So what batteries should you choose? There are usually 36V, 48V, and 10Ah,15Ah batteries in the marker. The more Ah you have, the large the battery capacity you will get. Also, voltage is another important factor to take into consideration. The higher the voltage is, the more powerful your ebikes will be.

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