Magicycle Deer/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery
Magicycle Deer/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery
Magicycle Deer/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery

Magicycle Deer/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery

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The relatively low current of 52V 20Ah LG batteries helps reduce the risk of overheating the battery system, which ensures a long life span and high performance. Our long range is over 80 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 50 miles on pure electric power mode. We offer a 2-years warranty on batteries.

Charging Time: 4-7 Hours Fast Charge
Total Battery Capacity: 1040Wh
Weight: 9lbs


Large Capacity Battery for Your Journey

Clear Power Display

Battery Level light, press the bottom the light will turn on, which can provide you with a clear awareness of the remaining power.

52V 20Ah Battery

The 52V 20Ah battery system leads to improved efficiency, a longer range, and an extended battery life. No worries about battery fire with the BMS built inside.

Solid & Safe

This battery shell is made of water-resistant and firm plastic casing, protecting the inside cells from damage from falls or crashes. Meanwhile, the buckles connect to your bike frame, which is firm and not easy to fall, ensuring the safety of riding and the battery.

Easy to Use

Side-taken Style, Spring Lock, easier to easier install and remove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Noel Bray
Extra battery for extended rides.

I really enjoy my Ocelot. It fits me better than past bikes I've owned. They are well engineered bikes that are a lot of fun to ride. I bought a second battery so that I could alternate between the original and the new battery. Then I could take extended rides. I like how the batteries can easily be changed while on a ride.

Porter Felton
How great is the battery

This is going to make my whole life so much easier riding back and forth to work. It's going to be wonderful with two 52V Battery. They will make it easier for me to ride my bike to work or to wherever I want to go. With a second backup battery, I also don't need to worry about battery power.

Gerald Forster
Battery replacement

I ordered a new 52v battery because my first one stopped holding a charge. The first battery failed due to my misunderstanding on how to properly store it. I stored it fully charged and it was in a hot storage garage for long time. Now I know not to keep it fully charged for that long. The new battery fits my Ocelot ebike. It charges fast and works for a very long ride.

Marvin Shaw
Added miles with the new battery

I wanted to take longer rides on my Ocelot Pro, but I was concerned about running out of power and needing to make it home without pedal-assist. So I bought a spare battery to keep in my backpack for long rides. It was nice to get a large capacity battery and now I can go much further from home without worry!

Blair Arabella
Spare battery for my ebike

I purchased a spare battery for my Ocelot so that I could enjoy a long distance ride. This is a nice option when I want to go on 80+ mile rides. With a second battery for my bike, I can go farther with confidence. Because I know I have enough motivation to get to my destination or return home without any worries.