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August 09,2023

Effective Rust Removal and Prevention Tips for Your Bike – Expert Guide

While modern electric bicycle frames, primarily constructed from aluminum and carbon, exhibit minimal susceptibility to surface rust, the same cannot be said for their metal components and screws, predominantly composed of steel. These metallic elements are vulnerable spots where rust can swiftly emerge in the absence of adequate cleaning and maintenance. Rust appears on electric bicycles that have not been used for a long time and have been stored without protection in humid spaces. If this is the case with your e-bike and you want to restore its original state, you should take these cleaning tips into account. Rust is not so easy to remove and requires more effort and the use of specific products. And keep in mind that...

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August 08,2023

Best Electric Bikes for College Students in 2023

Do you still remember what your college was like? Maybe they are like waking up, getting a refreshing coffee, having the lessons for the day, doing some recreational activities, then repeating. Colleges always have a large area, which requires students to get to point A from point B. This is how electric bikes come in handy. Combining the convenience of a traditional bike with the added power of an electric motor, these eco-friendly vehicles offer an efficient mode of transportation ideal for going around campus grounds and urban environments. Below we will tell you why every college student should get an ebike. Contents 1. Easy Commuting 2. More Affordable 3. Time-Saving 4. Get Healthier 5. Best Electric Bikes for College...

electric bikes for adults - free trail
August 07,2023

Unveiling the Surging Trend of Electric Bicycles

Over the last ten and a few years, cyclists around the world have turned their attention to a new type of bicycle that has more features than its conventional predecessor. This is the electric bicycle, a type of vehicle that continues to gain space in the market.Its growth and expansion have generated in the USA the appearance of new companies that are dedicated, directly and indirectly, to the commercialization of pedal-assisted bicycles. Contents 1. The question that arises then is why this growth is due. 2. Road companion 3. Best selling models 4. Urban and personal style The question that arises then is why this growth is due. The answer lies with the users themselves, who argue that travelling on...

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August 05,2023

Twist Throttle and Thumb Throttle, What Is Better for My Electric Bikes for Adults?

An ebike throttle serves as one of the essential components of an ebike. The rider needs to use it to connect to the motor and gain electric power. Well, as you can almost customize everything on your ebikes, an ebike throttle will not appear to be the only option available. In the market, there are mainly 2 kinds of electric bike throttles, twist throttle and thumb throttle. if you are shopping for an ebike, you must be careful when it comes to throttles. Maybe it is just a small part of an ebike, but it could make a huge difference in your riding experience. In this article, we will walk you through the 2 kinds of ebike throttles. Hope it...

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August 03,2023

Can an Obese Person Ride an Ebike?

The growing ebike trend is attracting more and more people to join this ebike community. This phenomenon covers a large population in spite of their age and gender. Almost everyone wants to ride an electric bike, including obese people. So here comes a question: Can an obese person ride an electric bike? It is not surprising to have such a question. Back in the time when there were only traditional bikes, obese people didn't feel comfortable pedaling because their weight weighs too much on them. Until now, most obese people won’t love to ride a non-electric bike either. However, the emergence of electric bikes has brought great hopes for obese people. With hundreds of ebike models available in the market,...

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August 01,2023

Why Does My Ebike Feel Wobbly?

There are many problems you can encounter with an electric bike, and one of them is wobbly wheels. When your ride is wobbly and unsteady, it could be really annoying and frustrating. For many electric bike beginners, it may be a tough issue to settle as they don’t even know how to defect the potential problem. Lucky for you, here we got the answers and the most common problems why your ebikes feel wobbly. Of course, just like the other troubleshooting blogs from Magicycle, we will provide the corresponding solutions. Keep reading to find what you want. Contents 1. Loose Spokes 2. Tire Pressure 3. Misaligned Wheels 4. Issues with suspension 5. Frame 1. Loose Spokes Both traditional bikes and...

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July 31,2023

Up-gradable Electric Bicycle Parts: Maximizing Performance vs. Components to Avoid to change

Many of you probably know: the replacement of worn parts on an E-Bike or the exchange of standard equipment with products from other manufacturers is subject to certain specifications. Not everything can be combined or expanded at will. This is a big problem, especially in bike shops. But also for anyone who likes to do touch-ups at home. Technological and material advances push the limits of what an electric bicycle and its parts can do. To keep pace with these advances, recommendations on security measures as well as periodic reviews must be taken seriously by manufacturers. Magicycle is one of them. Take seriously all the parts of our e-bike.In this article, we'll explore the world of upgradable electric bicycle parts, maximizing...

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July 28,2023

Ebikes Keep Cutting Out? Here Are the Solutions

Riding ebikes can fill our life with more fun and happiness, but we can meet all kinds of issues related to ebikes as well. Personally, one of the most annoying issues concerning my ebikes should be intermittent power loss. To be specific, electric bikes may cut out due to issues in their components, including motors, batteries, controllers, and brakes. Sometimes it could be difficult to find out where the problem is. In this post, I will share some potential reasons and corresponding fixes. Hope they can help you out. Contents 1. Battery Issue 2. Overheating Motor 3. Faulty Controller 4. Throttle Gets Jammed 5. Malfunctioned Sensor 6. Final Thoughts 1. Battery Issue When your electric bike cuts out, the most common...

test ride ebike suv - free trail
July 26,2023

Test Riding an E-Bike Before Purchase: Your Essential Guide

Informing yourself about the characteristics and specifications of the e-bike models that interest you is extremely useful in order to decide which electric bicycle to buy. However, this information should only serve as a starting point in the search for your bicycle. The final verdict should always be made after testing the e-bike. A test drive is not just about checking that the brakes and gears are working properly. The purpose of the test drive is to make sure that the bike you are thinking of buying meets your personal tastes and needs. During the test, you will be able to assess if it will really give you the service and performance you are looking for. Unfortunately, the test drive...

electric bikes for your adventures
July 24,2023

Endless Exploration: E-Bike Adventures in an Infinite World

Cycling tourism is experiencing exponential growth, and thanks to electric bicycles, it will be even greater. Because on an e-bike we multiply the possibilities. The kilometres, the climbs, and of course, the freedom and happiness.When thinking about travelling by bike, it seems logical to value distances first. But… forget them! You will no longer have to be so aware of the kilometres because, on an e-bike, the range of movements is multiplied. We will be able to unite two places that are quite far apart in a single day, something that you would not do with a conventional bicycle. When we arrive at the destination we will not be "for the drag" but we will have the courage and energy...