electric bikes for your adventures July 24,2023

Endless Exploration: E-Bike Adventures in an Infinite World

Cycling tourism is experiencing exponential growth, and thanks to electric bicycles, it will be even greater. Because on an e-bike we multiply the possibilities. The kilometres, the climbs, and of course, the freedom and happiness.

When thinking about travelling by bike, it seems logical to value distances first. But… forget them! You will no longer have to be so aware of the kilometres because, on an e-bike, the range of movements is multiplied. We will be able to unite two places that are quite far apart in a single day, something that you would not do with a conventional bicycle. When we arrive at the destination we will not be "for the drag" but we will have the courage and energy to visit it. Or to get closer, because "it's close", to that beautiful town for which you had to deviate 20 kilometres. Because... the electric is a ‘vice’, and you will want to pedal more! If you know what I mean.

With an e-bike, the range of movements is multiplied.

Also, think about saddlebags. In everything you will need to carry. It will be much easier for you to carry a lot of luggage if you need it. There is a phrase that defines well how to prepare for a trip: “Arrange the luggage and the money that you are going to need on the bed and, now, divide the luggage by two and multiply the money by two. You will have the perfect trip!” The phrase is valid, but with a good e-bike, you can carry (or bring) more things. More kilos. Regarding money, we are sorry that there we can't tell you how to double it! But there is one thing can be sure that you can use Magicycle to double your joy.
Before your adventures, there are some important things regarding electric bikes. For example? That the battery is fully charged or the display screen is perfectly positioned. , since you can carry more weight, you could get a saddlebag or a backpack with a specific pocket for an extra battery and a Bosch Compact Charger, which will double your radius of action. And of course, choose a good (the best) lock and take advantage of additional digital security features from Bosch such as the eBike Lock

Also, do not forget to exercise travelling by e-bike is not lazy. Not much less. Because in it you will burn calories. EBiking or electric cycling helps prevent hypertension and diabetes, lower LDL cholesterol and lose weight or improve stress.

You can also try to connect with fellow adventurers through any e-bile community. You'll be part of a passionate and welcoming group of fellow adventurers. Share stories, tips, and routes with like-minded individuals who share your love for exploring the world on two wheels.

So, hop on your electric bicycle with Magicycle, and let the world unfold before you as you create unforgettable memories on your e-bike escapades. And last, bring our wishes to you, Happy riding!

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