July 18,2023

Why Not Buy Your Ebikes in the Supermarket?

Perhaps you have never bought a bicycle from Walmart or various self-service stores. I believe there must be such stores in your area, but you most likely know someone who has or may have purchased one.

These so-called "supermarkets," department stores, or self-service stores, such as Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club, and various similar stores worldwide, have immense purchasing power. After all, Walmart is the second-largest retailer globally. This leads us to believe that they always sell us the best products at the most favorable prices, but when it comes to bicycles, the reality is far from that.

Of course, people are attracted to convenience stores' bicycle deals and prices, especially when it comes to children's bicycles, as they quickly outgrow them and need to be replaced. However, what I want to say is that as soon as young children have the ability to make choices and express their opinions, they don't want to buy bicycles along with the vegetables they dislike.

You can tempt them by buying a bicycle from the supermarket with Barbie or Toy Story official designs, but once those movies become outdated, they will also want a good bicycle and forget about those stickers because nothing is better than a timeless bicycle that aligns with your taste and preferences.

Poor quality parts

The components of an e-bike are incredibly important not only for its durability but also for your safety.

Cheap e-bikes sold at convenience stores don't just suffer from performance issues. Due to its low cost, the components or parts are inferior in terms of quality, function, and durability, but there are also some rather fundamental safety issues that need to be taken into account.

For example, the brakes of cheap electric bicycles, always present the problem that they do not stop, even if the e-bikes in your supermarket have been configured correctly, their brakes will not be as effective as those of a quality electric bicycle that has been well assembled.

And not to mention the gears of a self-service store e-bike, the most common thing is that they do not work and no matter who adjusts them, you will always bring them out of adjustment and therefore useless to facilitate pedaling.

The same e-bike size does not fit all

Department stores have the capacity to acquire large quantities of merchandise and are even suitable for buying the entire production of an article since this rule is the same when it comes to e-bikes.

These stores do not buy quality e-bikes but buy what is within their reach, and they are generally electric bicycles that are produced in only one size: for adults or for children. In fact, their ignorance of the bicycle market is so great that they classify their bicycles to expose them to the public by the diameter of their wheel and not by the size of the frame.

The idea that bicycles should be manufactured in different frame sizes is not a converted idea, since they respond to the anatomical needs of the cyclist. And that's how they should be sold.     

Lack of Specialized Electric Bicycle Staff

Just like the staff that assembles a bicycle in a supermarket for its display, the floor employees in most department stores are multifunctional, that is, they do everything and where they are needed: from checking prices, stacking merchandise, or helping to that little old man to reach some product from the highest shelves of the exhibitors.

Most of these employees don't really know about bikes. Much of the time, they won't be able to help the buyer select the right bike for their needs or answer questions about bikes.

In most cases, this is a really sad truth. Just because they're working in the bike department today doesn't mean that for the last 6 months, they haven't been working dispatching the deli. Is that really who you want giving you bike advice?

"In life, you get what you pay for. " Never was this old adage more true than when it comes to e-bikes. And if in the first place, you intend to buy the bicycle in a supermarket because they are cheaper than in the bicycle shop, remember this.

As many of us know, department stores are successful because theirs is a win-win.

Yes, they are not going to stop making money to give you a quality bike. It is true that you can buy an adult bicycle in a supermarket for 1000 dollars, but as we have already seen, that e-bike will have at best a slightly resistant frame.

Well, it turns out that you will spend the same or a little more than if you buy a bicycle with good components from the beginning in a specialized store.

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