August 01,2023

Why Does My Ebike Feel Wobbly?

There are many problems you can encounter with an electric bike, and one of them is wobbly wheels. When your ride is wobbly and unsteady, it could be really annoying and frustrating. For many electric bike beginners, it may be a tough issue to settle as they don’t even know how to defect the potential problem.

Lucky for you, here we got the answers and the most common problems why your ebikes feel wobbly. Of course, just like the other troubleshooting blogs from Magicycle, we will provide the corresponding solutions. Keep reading to find what you want.

1. Loose Spokes

Both traditional bikes and electric bikes have spokes, but they are not the same. The spokes of electric bikes are much thicker than those of non-electrified bikes. This is for bearing the weight of hub motors. If those spokes on electric bikes get loose, the rear wheel will wobble violently.

Here what I mean by “loose” is that they don’t need to get really loose to make the bike wobble. With spokes getting loose a little bit merely, the electric bike can wobble as well. Obviously, all you need to do is tighten them.

2. Tire Pressure

Insufficient tire pressure can cause the rear wheel to wobble by affecting the stability and handling. This will lead to a shaky and more dangerous ride.

Normally, you can see the recommended tire pressure on the tires. If not, you can try to find it in the user manual or ask the manufacturer. Anyway, ensure that your tires are properly inflated.

3. Misaligned Wheels

Due to shocks and vibrations while riding on an off-road ebike, some ebike wheels can get misaligned, and this is another reason why you get a wobbly feeling on your ebikes. Check the alignment of both the front and rear wheels to ensure they are straight and true. If you notice any misalignment, take your eBike to a reputable bike shop to have the wheels properly trued and aligned.

4. Issues with suspension

If your electric bikes come with suspensions, any problems with these components can lead to instability:

1. A properly functioning suspension system helps absorb bumps, shocks, and vibrations encountered during rides. When the suspension is compromised or damaged, it may fail to adequately dampen these forces, resulting in increased oscillations or wobbling.

2. Suspension issues can lead to an imbalance in weight distribution on the eBike. If one side of the suspension is compressed or not functioning correctly, it can cause uneven weight distribution between the front and rear wheels. This imbalance affects the bike's stability, making it more prone to wobbling.

3. Faulty suspension components may result in decreased traction between the tires and the road surface. Insufficient traction compromises the eBike's ability to maintain a steady grip, especially when navigating corners or uneven terrain. The reduced traction can lead to instability and a wobbling feeling.

To avoid issues with suspensions, Inspect the suspension system for signs of damage, wear, or leaks. If necessary, take your ebike to a professional bike technician for maintenance or repairs.

5. Frame

The last potential problem is about the frame. A broken bike frame can possibly cause ebikes to wobble. Even though your bike frame is not broken, it can lead to a wobbly feeling if they are not of great strength.

Examine your ebike's frame for cracks, dents, or signs of structural damage. A compromised frame can compromise the overall stability and safety of your ride. If you discover any issues, go to local bike shops or ask the manufacturers.

Speaking of bike frame, Magicycle Deer full suspension ebike comes with a specially-designed bike frame. The integrated downtube of common ebike frames can cause riders to wobble when braking, which is dangerous. To avoid that, The Magicycle team designed and engineered a double-layer multi-cavity downtube for the Deer series for added strength and safer rides.

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