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Ebikes Keep Cutting Out? Here Are the Solutions

Riding ebikes can fill our life with more fun and happiness, but we can meet all kinds of issues related to ebikes as well. Personally, one of the most annoying issues concerning my ebikes should be intermittent power loss.

To be specific, electric bikes may cut out due to issues in their components, including motors, batteries, controllers, and brakes. Sometimes it could be difficult to find out where the problem is. In this post, I will share some potential reasons and corresponding fixes. Hope they can help you out.

1. Battery Issue

When your electric bike cuts out, the most common cause of it should be the problems with the battery. If your battery has a low charge or a faulty connection, it won’t provide the expected energy.

In this situation, you should first check the battery charge level on the display and make sure it is securely connected. Some batteries come with power buttons on them, and riders may turn them off by mistake. Also, you could fully charge your battery when your ebike cuts out. Don’t rush to replace it.

2. Overheating Motor

Electric bikes depend on electric motors to assist with pedaling. These motors, both hub motors and mid-drive motors, can overheat in many situations, especially when it is extremely hot. When an ebike motor overheats, it will trigger a safety mechanism that cuts off the bike automatically.

To fix this problem, you should take good care of your ebike motors. Never overload your ebikes. There must be a load capacity of your ebike in the user manual(If you still keep it.). If not, you’d better ask the manufacturers. When you overload your ebikes, you are putting excessive burdens on the motors, which can cause them to overheat. Also, climbing hills can make ebike motors overload as well. Try not to climb hills that are too steep for your ebikes unless you have Magicycle high-power 96Nm electric bikes.

3. Faulty Controller

For an electric bike, a control is its brain, affecting the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor. If the brain gets faulty, the whole bike can cut out intermittently.

Fixing a faulty controller can be too tricky for most recreational riders. It could be damaged by rocks, loose connections, or burned-out components. Why not just consult the manufacturers if your bike is still under warranty?

Magicycle ebikes are all covered under a 2-year warranty. With such a long-term warranty, we believe you can choose Magicycle with great confidence.

4. Throttle Gets Jammed

If your electric bikes come with twist throttles instead of thumb throttles, then they could get stuck sometimes. It refers to a situation where the throttle on an electric bike becomes stuck or non-responsive, preventing the rider from controlling the speed of the bike.

The throttle may become obstructed by dirt, debris, or other objects that prevent it from moving freely. This can occur if the bike is ridden in dusty or muddy conditions or if something gets lodged in the throttle mechanism.

To fix this issue, you could apply a small amount of lubricant specifically designed for bike components to the moving parts of the throttle assembly. This can help restore smooth operation and prevent future sticking.

5.  Malfunctioned Sensor

Many ebikes incorporate sensors that detect pedaling cadence, speed, and torque to provide appropriate assistance. A faulty sensor can disrupt the communication between the motor and controller, leading to unexpected power cutoffs. Check the sensors for dirt, misalignment, or damage. Clean or realign if necessary, and consult your bike's manual or manufacturer for guidance on sensor calibration.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing frequent cutouts on your ebike can be frustrating, but understanding the potential causes can help you troubleshoot and fix the issue. However, if you are unable to identify it, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance from a qualified ebike technician. With proper care, your ebike will provide you with many enjoyable rides in the future.

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