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California New Ebike Bill - Restrictions for Young Ebike Riders

Electric bikes are bringing fun to people of all ages all over the world, but that is not the only thing they do. Due to the increasing number of tragic ebike accidents,  people’s concerns over riders’ safety are rising as well. To reduce such concerns, there comes a new ebike bill in California - Assembly Bill 530.

According to FOX 5 San Diego, the bill will require ebike riders without driver’s licenses to complete an online written test to get a state-issued identification. Without passing the test, they won’t get the ID and be allowed to ride ebikes. Also, the bill restricts children under 12 years old from riding ebikes.

To help people ride ebikes safely, the bill will build an ebike training program with other organizations, including the DMV (California Department of Motor Vehicles) and California Highway Patrol.

Why Is Such a Bill Introduced?

We have seen many ebike accidents these years. Many people can see kids riding ebikes everyday carelessly, which is pretty dangerous and the main reason why kids tend to get hurt on ebikes. Many of them never wear helmets and do crazy moves recklessly.

Apparently, this bill aims to decrease the ebike accident rate by enforcing strict rules and providing training courses, to protect our youth from getting hurt.

How to Ride Ebikes Safely?

In fact, ebike riders will be safe and sound if they strictly follow the tips below:

1. Wear protective gear. The most important tip to ride an electric bike safely is to wear protective gear, such as helmets, keen pads, and elbow pads. Never take risks.

2. Be as visible as possible. Many ebike accidents are caused because of low visibility, especially at nighttime. Riders should make their bikes are equipped with headlights and brake lights. Also, to increase visibility, they could also add some reflective strips too.

3. Get familiar with local rules. Ebike rules can vary in different states. So be sure to know the local rules before riding ebikes.

For more details about ebike safety, please read Magicycle blogs.

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