May 26,2023

7 Features Considered Before Buying an Ebike

Electric bikes have recently become the main trend and taken over by the public. As the epidemic is still spreading all over the world, countless people are flocking to this not-so-novel way of traveling.

The ebike market is huge, and its market value exceeded $27 billion in 2021 in the US alone. However, there are hundreds of different electric bikes on the market for the public to choose from. Some people who are new to ebikes for adults sometimes complete their purchases just by looks and some simple parameters. Indeed, it is undeniable that sometimes consumers can choose their favorite ebikes this way, but in most cases, they will fall into the trap of ebike manufacturers. Therefore, we have collected the 7 most important ebike features that need to be compared when you want to make your purchase which allow you no longer get lost.


The price range of electric bikes for adults is particularly large, from the lowest at $500 on Amazon (or somewhere else) to the most expensive, more than $10,000. Just looking at the most expensive ebikes to get the best quality or the cheapest to get the best value for money is actually not a wise choice. There are many factors that affect the price of an electric bike, including the battery, motor, frame, and even the brand premium of the ebike (or the high price trap of the manufacturer, so to speak). Taking our Magicycle as an example, there are many electric bike brands with prices ranging from $1000 to $2000, with the highest quality electric bikes and the lowest profit, bringing customers the most cost-effective ebike and the best riding experience.

Battery Capacity

20Ah battery

The battery is the soul of an electric bike, and also the most expensive component of an electric bike. It directly affects the range and charging time of your electric bike. The voltage multiplied by the current is the capacity of the battery, so generally speaking, the higher the voltage and current, the longer the battery life. However, the safety hazard of the battery is also very large. Well-known batteries such as Samsung had also experienced battery explosions. Many unscrupulous manufacturers forcibly increase their voltage and current in pursuit of high-capacity batteries while ignoring potential dangers. Choosing an ebike with a high-quality and reputable brand battery is a crucial consideration when you buy an ebike. After all, you don't want any unexpected risks, do you?


Powerful Motor

Compared with regular bikes, the majority of people are attracted to electric bikes because of their faster speed and effortlessness. Motors exist to power riders while riding, allowing them to reach speeds without much effort that regular bikes cannot achieve. Motor wattage decides the top speed and the higher the wattage is, the faster the speed could be.


We have received tons of messages about whether mechanical brakes or hydraulic brakes are better. In fact, whether it is a mechanical brake or a hydraulic brake, as long as they are products of a big brand like Tektro, the effect of the brakes is not much different.

From the perspective of cost-effectiveness, the price of mechanical brakes is lower than that of hydraulic brakes. If you do not ride frequently on risky roads such as muddy, icy, and snowy roads, mechanical brakes are fully enough to meet your daily needs.

However, hydraulic brakes have their own strength. These types of brakes feature an upgraded mechanism and superior braking performance. They have complete control over your bike and its speed. Optimum braking power and efficiency are more benefits you enjoy.


Any electromechanical product has its maximum service life and routine maintenance and repairs are mandatory conditions for it to reach its maximum service life. Therefore, the problem comes out: as the majority of the public is not professional, what can they do with their electric bikes? Manufacturer's warranty policy.

Electric bike engineers are professional enough and have appropriate tools and accessories to repair and maintain your ebike. Magicycle provides the longest warranty period in the industry which is 2 years to assure that your Magicycle ebike accompanies you as long as possible.

Applicable Scene

long range fat tire ebike

Different people will use electric bikes to travel in various scenarios. Some people just ride with it in case they don't crowd the subway or bus for their daily commute to work, while some people use electric bikes as big toys to cross mountains and rivers. Therefore, when purchasing an electric bike, be sure to compare the applicable scenarios of electric bikes according to your own needs.

In general, fat tire electric bikes are more accommodating on extreme roads, but that also means a bigger budget, not something you can buy for a few hundred dollars.


long range fat tire ebike

Whether it is a regular bike or an electric bike, there is a distinction between step-over and step-through. Tall people are more suitable for step-over, while step-through models are more friendly to short people. Most ebike manufacturers like Magicycle will mark the height and weight of the fit, remember to make sure this ebike fits you physically before buying.

Of course, we understand that most people will be attracted by the appearance of electric bikes first, and then will look at the specific parameters and services provided. But what we want to say is that because an electric bike is a high-value item, please buy it after a comprehensive comparison. When all is said and done, beauty is temporary, and companionship is forever.

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