May 26,2023

Ebiking Half an Hour with Magicycle, What Will Happen to Your Body?

Having a driver’s license doesn’t mean you should forget about biking, especially with electric bikes. If you look around you, you will find out many people ride ebikes as a routine, for running errands, commuting, or just for fun. Sure, there are scenarios where having a car can come in handy, but for everything else, riding ebikes is a way to go. After all, there are health benefits of riding an ebike that driving a car could never live up to.

Not only is riding an ebike great at boosting both your physical and mental health, but it’s also one of the most accessible and easiest ways to let off steam and engage in endless hours of life’s most treasured commodity - fun. So, what are these health benefits we are talking about, well, keep reading to find out?

1. Improve your mood

Any form of exercise can help you feel great afterward, including cycling. Activities that get your heart pounding will release energy-boosting hormones, which is called dopamine. After a wonderful ride with ebikes, that dopamine rush can help improve your mood and energy levels. If you typically feel an afternoon slump at work, going for a quick ride during your lunch break may be exactly what you need to keep energized and focused.

2. Lose Weight

Cycling is one of the best methods of exercise to trim fat and lose weight across your whole body. There is a reason that those professional cyclists are so lean, just an hour of cycling can burn as many as 1000 calories, depending on the intensity you are riding your ebike. This intensity can be varied if you adjust the PAS of your ebike. Magicycle Ocelot Pro has 7 levels of PAS, which are adjustable in terms of their power output and can be turned off as well.

Also, you don’t need a heavily structured workout to start shifting that weight. Spin classes are great, but opting for an ebike, instead of the car, will do so much more for your overall fitness and weight loss.

Commuting by bike, to be honest, has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. A study found that people who switched to cycling from driving lost 7 kg on average over the course of a year when riding just 30 minutes each way.

3. Improve heart health

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Getting your heart rate up and cycling strengthens your heart muscles. It also reduces your risk of developing several cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack. Moreover, compared to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, those who participate in physical activities such as ebiking can experience an overall improvement in cardiovascular function as well.

There is a reason to believe that including cycling into your daily routine might have a positive impact on your blood pressure. It can almost be as effective as prescription medication.

4. Release stress and anxiety

Another important mental health benefit of cycling is relief from anxiety and stress. Cycling helps you balance cortisol and adrenaline levels in your body. When the perfect balance between these two is attained, stress will be reduced. This is perhaps one of the healthiest ways to deal with stress. This calming activity allows your brain to focus on breathing and pedaling. These two become the prime focus and in turn shifts your focus from all sorts of negativity and anxiety.

5. Age slower

Researchers found that high-intensity cycling and other high-intensity interval training can have major anti-aging benefits down to the cellular level. The study found that people who did intensive exercise had an increase in mitochondrial capacity. A decline in mitochondria can lead to physical decline, so the better your mitochondria can function, the more rejuvenated you will be.

6. Enhance your muscle

While you may accept that riding an ebike just builds up the leg’s muscles, it is a complete exercise. Remaining balanced and upstanding on the bicycle reinforces and tones the muscles in your stomach region. Guiding your ebike can also encourage you to develop the muscles in your arms and shoulders. Besides, leg muscles assume a crucial job with regard to riding electric bikes for adults. While you are ebiking, you use your butt muscles, the glutes, your lower leg muscles, and the quads in your thighs.

7. Increase flexibility

Magicycle Cruiser

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects o staying fit and minimizing the risk of injury. If you feel your lower body remains stiff, then riding an ebike is the best option for you. Cycling helps maintain flexibility. Not only will being flexible make you feel light, but it will also improve your posture and balance.

8. Boost your confidence

You may find this absurd, but riding an electric mountain bike really does boost your confidence. While riding an ebike, your body releases the serotonin mood neurotransmitter, which helps you stay stable and confident both physically and emotionally. Also, riding ebikes for sale induces positivity, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Besides this, it allows you to get a shaped body which is also an important self-confidence booster.

9. Less burden on your joints

When you sit on electric bikes, you put your weight on bones in your pelvis, unlike walking or running, where you put your weight on your legs, knees, and feet. Even elderly patients with knee pain and osteoarthritis have been shown to improve their condition with cycling. In addition, it also improves posture and coordination.

10. Improve brain power

There is a good reason why studies show that our mental skills are improved after a bike ride. It all has to do with the “white matter” in your brain. You may have heard about the grey matter, but white matter, found beneath the brain surface, acts as a conduit. Evidence from a study conducted over 6 months showed that healthy people who regularly ride an ebike increase the integrity of their white matter, helping their brains function more smoothly.

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