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Electric Bike Maintenance Basic Explained

Maintenance is a must for electric bikes like any conventional bike. Putting regular checking and cleaning of your e-bike into schedule will ensure it running safely and efficiently. An e-bike runs more smoothly and lasts longer when it's clean. Even a few minutes spent at regular intervals will make your riding more enjoyable and save your money long term.

In this article, how often your e-bike needs a service and how to look after your electric bike will be explained.

Usually I recommend a basic check at least every month, but where and how you ride your bike should be a key for your personalized routine. In many ways, maintaining an electric bike is no different than maintaining a conventional bike. However, some components, especially the derivation parts, including cranks, chains, and sprockets, are subject to greater forces and more wear.

If you're a frequent rider or specifically you ride e-bike for commuting, I would like suggest that every week check it up and every month make overhauls.

As a commuter, city riders ride bike almost every day for 20 miles with constantly hard and sudden stops. That means the main task of your usual check-up lies on the brakes which should operate to the best their abilities. Besides you use pedal assist often with a lot of weight like passengers, groceries and etc. and even you would ride in the snow, salt and mud because you ride for life which means you'll probably need to be more cautious about the maintenance of their E-bike.

If you ride several times a week, I would like suggest that every two weeks check your e-bike up.

Hills, mountains, forests and all the scenarios in the nature attract you to explore with your beloved e-bike. So dirt and grit will wear your chain, spokes, brake disc. and tire. However, they're cheap and easy to replace. You rely on pedal assist and carry some load. Rain or mud won't stop you, but when it gets particularly nasty outside, you may choose to skip the ride. Every time before and after your adventure, do remember to do a tune-up for your e-bike.

If you are just a casual rider and generally you ride on flat ground, you don't need to pay much attention to the maintenance for your bike. Because when it is a good day for riding you ride out, your bike will be in a good condition for a long term. You would like to use pedal assist and only bring your keys and phone with you. For you, just remember every time before your riding, check all the accessories of your E-bike are not loosen and then enjoy your nice day trip.

No matter what rider you are, if you schedule a basic diagnosis or tune-up at a reputable bike shop, you can expect service that covers your brakes, derailleurs, chains, wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, and tires. Most vendors will also offer overhauls, which generally include the same items as tune-ups, but may include replacement parts. 

We've already covered the importance of keeping your bike clean to improve its efficiency and how often your bike need a service, but let’s take a closer look at how to wash an electric bike.

Before your washing process, plenty of tools should be prepared. You need a water source such as a bucket or garden hose. Then you need brushes or even toothbrush if you don't have one. Also you need degreaser, bike wash fluid, chain lube, and towel or rag.

Electric bike batteries and motors are sealed units so no water should get in, but you should avoid using a water jet to wash any bike whether it’s electric or non-electric because the power of the water could force its way through the bike's numerous seals. Make sure that all connections keep sealed by leaving the battery in its place but turn the e-bike off before you clean it.

Check the inside of charging ports which can accumulate dirt. That's why you need a brush. Brush out any mud inside with brush and keep the port closed when washing the bike.

After washing the bike, use a clean and dry cloth to wipe it but be sure to avoid the brake discs which are covered with special oil for efficiently stop. You don’t want to contaminate them with any cleaning products used elsewhere on the bike. 

If your bike has a removable battery you should always disconnect it before cleaning. So to clean my Magicycle electric bike I need to take the battery off and clean the connections with a soft, dry brush.

Your electric bike probably has a magnetic wheel speed sensor. Please clean it with soft cloth to avoid any problem.

Even though the battery and motor are water resistance, it's definitely best not to point a jet directly at them. As you might know battery and motor shouldn't be immersed in water. If that's happened it'll affect the power output and its overall lifespan.

As mentioned above, the battery and motor of an electric bike are well sealed to prevent water damage. That doesn't mean it's absolutely impossible for water to get in, but with a certain level of common sense and caution, you don't have to worry about it.

The motor itself is in a factory sealed unit and you should not attempt to disassemble it for maintenance or troubleshooting.
As with any bike, taking care of your electric bike will help you get the most out of your machine and potentially extend the lifespan of critical components. By maintaining basic maintenance, your electric bike will give you a better riding experience.