August 07,2023

Unveiling the Surging Trend of Electric Bicycles

Over the last ten and a few years, cyclists around the world have turned their attention to a new type of bicycle that has more features than its conventional predecessor. This is the electric bicycle, a type of vehicle that continues to gain space in the market.

Its growth and expansion have generated in the USA the appearance of new companies that are dedicated, directly and indirectly, to the commercialization of pedal-assisted bicycles.

The question that arises then is why this growth is due.

The answer lies with the users themselves, who argue that travelling on an electric bicycle through the city is beneficial because traffic jams are avoided and the destination is reached without the exhaustion caused by pedalling.

On the market, you can find various models, ranging from those assembled especially for the mountain, folding, chopper, cruiser, fat bikes and tricycles.

Also known as e-bikes, electric bikes are mostly used for urban commuting, with which cyclists want to reach their destination on time while enjoying the ride.

Road companion

Studies carried out by various consulting agencies reveal a decline in sales of traditional mountain bikes, as well as those designed for the road. The situation is different with respect to the electric ones, which continue to rise every day.

It can be said that they are not just bicycles with engines, but rather an inseparable companion on the way.

The electric ones provide pedalling assistance, but it does not replace it. In addition, depending on the model, its autonomy may vary. 

Mountain bikers are among the most enthusiastic about electric bicycles since it offers them the possibility of completing longer routes, with slopes that are more pronounced. In the case of tourists who opt for them, the decision is due to comfort.

Best selling models

According to portal specialists, there are models that are more sought after than others by cyclists. One of them is the folding bicycle, Magicycle has launched one of these types of e-bike: Magicycle Jaguarundi 52V Folding STEP-THRU Fat Tire Ebike

Its powerful electric motor is one of its advantages, allowing the cyclist to ride without worrying about momentum. As its name indicates, this e-bike has the ability to be folded, for a more comfortable transfer when taking it in the car, bus or in a pick-up truck.

The details of the folding electric bicycle, as well as its price, characteristics and photographs, can be seen here:

The cyclist interested in enjoying the mountains in a different way can check the rest of the mountain bike features here:

Urban and personal style

Urban bicycles are much more than a means of transport with which to save time. Each model has a unique personality that sets it apart from the rest.

College students, as well as commuters, are among the most frequent users of the electric city bike.

Each model comes equipped with fenders and a convenient luggage rack, allowing the rider to take any route through town without having to worry about getting stranded. All models of electric bikes for urban commuting can be reviewed on the Magicycle Online website.

On the website, the user can check the prices of the available options, as well as make relevant comparisons to choose the one that best suits their transportation needs. The staff of the online store also have financing for the purchase.

Innovation has reached electric bikes, which are now lighter than in the past. In addition, each one has a more avant-garde design, so the battery is better attached to the frame.

Due to these advantages, there are people who have decided to sell their cars to embark on an adventure with e-bikes, which are also friendly to the environment.

Before acquiring one, it is best to seek the advice of professionals, who will be able to provide the information to you.

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