May 26,2023

7 Tips for Maximizing Your Ebike Range

Batteries of ebikes for sale are constantly being improved as new technologies develop, but it seems that no matter how far your e-bike can go, it’s definitely better to have a longer range on your e-bike. After all, no one doesn’t want their electric bikes for adults to be able to ride longer and farther.

The fantastic news is that there are some simple things you can do to improve your e-bike range. While you could always upgrade components on your e-bike to increase its range, something you need to know is that simple riding behavior changes may also have a wonderful impact on your electric bike range and give you the most bang for your buck!

1. Slow Down and Enjoy Your Ride

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

There are many cyclists who pursue high speed and then reach a sense of excitement. It's all known that as you ride faster, the amount of power required to keep speed increases substantially. But you may not need to use maximum speed all the time. Just like strategically pedaling more for making exercise, sometimes slow riding will be beneficial. Power usage is not linear with speed, so reducing speed by only 5% will be able to actually save more than 5% of energy. In other words, slowing down a few miles per hour can significantly affect your e-bike's range.

Therefore, in order to get more range, you're supposed to consider reducing your riding speed. If you're not in a hurry and don't want to keep up with traffic for some safety reasons, try to slow down a bit. You will get to your destination later, however, what comes with that is you will be more relaxed and get there before the e-bike's power is exhausted. Riding at a slower speed will help increase your range, and you may notice more fun and landscape along the way.

2. Go Easy on the Throttle

Try pedaling while accelerating first, as acceleration is the most battery drain on an e-bike, so if you pedal for a few seconds while accelerating, that will cut the e-bike's energy consumption in half during that phase. That means considerable energy will be saved, especially if you're riding in a lot of stop-and-go traffic.

Moreover, when you want to accelerate, don't go full throttle, but try to slow down the throttle and accelerate a little slower. By taking a few extra seconds to speed your e-bike up, you can make your battery use significantly less power, which not only leaves more energy in the battery for longer rides but also helps keep the battery cooler so that the given energy can be used more efficiently. Higher efficiency maintains a longer range of electric bikes for adults!

3. Pedal more

Pedal more when riding will definitely help increase your range, and it's also strategic. For example, if you can pedal more when going uphill, which can help increase your range. The same is true if you encounter significant headwinds. All Magicycle e-bikes with adjustable 7 levels pedal assist allow you to choose how much help you want from the electric motor at any given time. So many people are addicted to the throttle and rare to pedal, but think of it as a few seconds of free movement, that also expands your e-bike's range (and saves you from having to pedal when the battery dies).

Compared to an e-scooter, e-motorcycle or electric car, the most fantastic thing about an e-bike is that even if the battery is dead, you can still get somewhere on the e-bike (although it's usually a more tiring form of exercise!). On the other hand, an e-scooter, electric motorcycle, or electric car stops working when the battery is depleted. This is why electric bicycles have become the first choice of most people.

4. Keep Tires Pumped Up

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Having the proper tire pressure can really improve your riding efficiency and that of the electric assist system. When the tires are not fully pumped, which create more resistance than the electric bike actually needed, which means the electric motor will have to work harder to keep the e-bike moving. An easy way to get more range is to fully inflate the tires before riding.

Most tires of ebikes for sale have a recommended tire pressure range. The maximum pressure will have less resistance, which means your battery wastes less energy while moving in that case, and will provide an efficient ride. Lower pressure will be more comfortable but less efficient. It's a good idea to find a perfect medium for a comfortable and efficient ride, which may take some experimentation with different tire pressures to figure out.

5. Charge It Up!

It's also a pretty obvious issue, you're supposed to make sure your batteries are fully charged before heading out. Same as any battery, Li-ion batteries obviously get the most range when they're 100% charged.

If your e-bike hasn't been used in days or weeks, it's a good idea to top it up before your next ride. TIP: When you ride home, get into the habit of plugging the battery into the charger and set a timer to remind you to unplug it after the estimated number of hours it will take to charge the battery. The specs and user manual all have an estimated time to fully charge the battery, you can estimate the hours based on the percentage of charge required to fully charge the battery.

6. Recharge on the Go

Another option is to have an extra charger. Take your e-bike charger with you and charge it at work, school, coffee shop, convenience store, or restaurant along the way. If you have the opportunity to charge the battery on regular riding routes, this could be a great way to increase your range without owning the world's largest battery. Putting even just 10-20% of the charge back into the battery will help keep the battery healthy, not to mention increasing 10-20% to your e-bike range. By the way, you can remove the battery from the e-bike for charging in hard-to-store areas.

7. Replace the Old Battery or Carry a Backup Battery

Just like a cell phone or laptop, components age over time, and the range provided by the battery decreases and may eventually reach the point where it needs to be replaced. It's generally recommended to replace the battery when it's below 80% of its original full capacity, but you can still use it if your regular route still applies.

If you purchased a new battery, your original battery could be used as a second battery for longer rides. Once your battery is no longer useful to you, make sure to dispose of your battery properly. Electric mountain bike batteries should not simply be thrown in the trash!

All of these tips can help you increase the range of your e-bike without breaking the bank. If you really need to ride long distances and don't want to spend time charging along the way, there is no substitute for a second battery! The battery is the most expensive component in an e-bike, so be prepared to spend some money.

Cycling is a great way to exercise and take ease from a busy day or week. Having the skills and knowledge to get the most out of an e-bike can make your long rides possible. Join Magicycle and enjoy your long electric bike journey!

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