May 26,2023

Top 4 Things You Need to Know before Going for That Summer Ride

The NBA finals ended with Golden State Warriors winning Championship, and there comes the 2022 NBA Summer League, meaning that it is summertime, right?

With the increasing use of electric bikes for adults the people who tend to have a pleasant summer ride are surging as well. To make all of you guys fully prepared for the hot summer, we will share with you 4 things below, just stick with us.

Select an Appropriate Ebike

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Long Range Electric Bike

This tip may sound unnecessary to ebike experts, but for many new riders, it could be the most important one. Different ebike models can give you various riding experiences. For instance, Magicycle Commuter Ebike is well-designed to be really light, which makes it easier for riders to carry it up and downstairs. Also, it uses a belt instead of a chain to lessen further maintenance. Thus, for those who prefer city riding, commuter ebikes are the most appropriate. Also, there are fat tire electric bikes or electric mountain bikes, which are better options for trail or beach riding.

Moreover, the ebike frame geometry is of great importance. If you find it quite hard for you to step over your ebikes, then you might need an electric bike of a step-thru model. The step-thru frame of Magicycle Ocelot Pro is designed based on CFS(comfort frame system). Its butterfly-shaped handlebar and the riding triangle design provide a more comfortable long ride without getting tired.

Pack Necessities up

Magicycle Pannier Bag

According to previous studies, electric bike owners normally ride much farther and further than traditional bike owners. Yes, it is great because a long ride can be great fun, but that also means you cannot do that without anything.

In long electric bike rides, there could be a lot of unexpected situations like you get a flat, some accessories of your ebikes fall apart, etc. Also, some situations can be expected, such as running out of water, food, or any other necessities.

What’s worse? You may feel extremely hungry and thirsty in the middle of a long summer ride in the strong sunlight, but around you is nothing but sand or mountains where you are not able to find any 7-Eleven. So, it is really vital for you to make yourselves completely prepared before going for that long summer ride.

Personally, it is recommended for you to have a large-capacity bag. Magicycle’s waterproof pannier bag has a large capacity of 20L, providing enough room for clothes, shoes, water bottles, and even a helmet. Also, a toolkit can help you a lot as well if you need to repair your ebikes halfway.

Slow Start

Magicycle Jaguarundi Folding Ebike

This tip is all about your safety. If it is the first time you own an ebike, or if it’s been a long time since your last ride, you need to spend some time practicing before hitting the crowded road.

To practice, you can choose somewhere with few people like a parking lot or a park, making sure you won’t hurt anybody around you. Also, you can get your ebike settings lower by programming in the ebike display. On Magicycle Youtube Channel, we got a video showing how to program the display of the Magicycle Cruiser. You can check the video link below to know more about it:

Check Your Tires Regularly

Fat Tires from Jaguarundi Folding Ebike

As you know about physics, high temperature causes air to expand while low temperature causes air to contract. That is the reason why people say that we need to pay more attention to our ebike tire pressure before every ride, especially in summer. If you put your ebike in your air-conditioned house in summer, chances are its tires will possibly blow up because of the heat.

Therefore, we suggest you should check your tire pressure before every ride. You can do that by simply pressing your tires with your thumb. Of course, as mentioned above, if you are new to cycling, then you might need to have some basic knowledge of ebike tire pressure.

Normally, we use PSI(Pound Per Square Inch), which is the measurement of gas or liquid, to show how much pressure is in your tires. Don’t worry about how to calculate that number as most pumps on the ebike market have a gauge, showing air pressure data exactly.

One more important thing to know is that never overinflate your tires in hot summer. Harder as your tires may be, they will blow up more easily when hitting the bumps on the road, just like balloons.

Enjoy Your Summer Rides!

I hope these tips can be helpful. It is summertime and I know many of you may stay at home to enjoy air-conditioning. I totally respect and understand that, but I think it is just kind of a waste of time as the lack of exercise is one the of main reasons for our subhealth.

Unlike traditional bikes, ebikes for sale can move forward more easily and quickly. Whenever you are tired and don’t feel like getting exercise halfway, you can just twist the throttle to feel the cool breeze. That could be one of the best experiences in summer.

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