May 26,2023

4 Summer Weather Tips for Ebike Batteries

Nothing can make summer more enjoyable than riding electric mountain bikes. Whether you are going camping with your family or heading to the sea to go swimming, electric mountain bikes could bring could lead you to a new world of happiness.

When it comes to riding electric bikes in summer, many ebike owners may worry that their batteries are likely to catch fire in extremely hot weather. While extremely high temperature is unavoidable, there are still some safety tips that can help you avoid these safety hazards, just stick with us to ride safely in summer.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Magicycle Cruiser Pro Midnight Blue

Maybe you prefer sunlight that can make you lively and energetic, but your battery cannot accept that. The more sunlight your ebikes batteries are exposed to, the more heat they will get. Even though there is over-charging protection for many ebike batteries, they are not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Most ebike manufacturers will recommend storing ebikes inside, but it is not available for everyone if there is not enough room in your house. In this case, you can just detach your ebike batteries(Of course, they should be detachable.) and put them in a dry and cool place where you can keep them away from direct sunlight or corrosive items.

When you are charging your batteries, you must especially keep them away from direct sunlight or someplace of high temperature in case they explode. Moreover, it can damage the components inside your batteries, causing unexpected capacity loss.

The battery of Magicycle Ocelot Pro is installed in the downtube. In this way can the battery avoid direct sunlight. Now the Ocelot Pro army green is available, check the site below to have more details about the limited discount:

2. Never ride in extremely hot weather

Just like the batteries of your cell phones, most ebike batteries will shut down automatically when their internal temperature rises to specific degrees. (It should be very high.) Magicycle’s large batteries can be fully charged within 4-7 hours. As it is really fast, the feature of fast charging will possibly result in the rapid rise of internal temperature. Of course, Magicycle must take this into consideration. The relatively low current of 52V 20Ah batteries helps reduce the risk of overheating. And when their internal temperature rises to 70°C, they will shut down automatically as I mentioned above.

Before the battery continues to work normally, it needs to cool down. You can place it in the shade or somewhere that is out of the sunlight.

3. Keep your batteries away from salt water

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Many prefer riding their ebikes to the seaside, which is pleasant and convenient, but it is not necessarily a good thing for your battery as it may come in contact with salt. And it will have a huge impact on the performance of your battery because salt is corrosive and highly conductive. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to directly ride on the beach where you can encounter seawater easily.

If you do soak your ebike battery in the seawater by accident, you must take some measures to prevent further damage. Here are my suggestions. First, detach your battery and use a dry cloth to wipe down the seawater clearly, remember to make the connections dry without any water remaining. Also, if it is necessary, you could use the cloth to clean the ebike frame and other mechanical components to keep them dry as well. One key point is that don’t jet wash the whole ebike, which is not great for ebike maintenance. Moreover, other ebike maintenance like oiling the chain is significant and should be applied based on the circumstances.

4. Never leave your batteries alone for a long time while charging

Most fire hazards occur when nobody even notices them. Even though your ebike batteries can shut off automatically when their internal temperature rises to a specific degree, just like I said above, they can not always work normally, so, you’d better keep your eyes on them. Also, we recommend you not to charge your batteries overnight in case it is difficult to notice as you fall asleep.

Ebike batteries will easily catch fire based on all kinds of situations. Here are 4 reasons why lithium batteries catch fire:

I) Original Defects

The flaws and defects produced during the manufacturing process can make ebike batteries work inefficiently. What is more important is that they are like bombs and you don’t when they are going to explode.

II) Designed improperly

Many ebike manufacturers want to design their products to be as slim and light as possible, meeting the requirements of consumers, but those consumers still require long-range and high performance. This situation has made manufacturers compromise on practicality. For example, some battery manufacturers may create batteries without a cooling system inside to save more space. In this case, once the battery temperature rises to an extremely high degree, it will go uncontrollable and cause fire hazards.

III) Improper use

There are not only internal factors, but external factors that can make batteries catch fire, such as keeping the batteries close to a fire, or some kind of heat source. Also, a short circuit can happen when the battery pack is penetrated by accident. It is the very reason why we don’t recommend riders disassemble batteries.

IV) Components of low quality

The components inside the battery can be the cause of the fire as well. The strong global competition has been driving some battery manufacturers to make use of low-quality components, aiming to reduce more budget. However, low-quality components always mean low performance, and low performance can be a key reason for battery failure as well.

To conclude, the most important thing is to purchase a real high-quality battery. And lucky for you, Magicycle has been producing this kind of product. Check our official website to have more details.

Anyway, to have more fun with electric bikes for adults in summer, please pay more attention to your battery to keep you safer. As we always say, safety is the top priority.

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