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Start and Enjoy Your Enduro If You Follow These Tips and Guides

Enduro could be said to be the most fun and adrenaline-filled MTB discipline. However, the fun does not come from the beginning, since in this modality there is a high risk of falls and a good physical and, above all, mental condition is needed. Fulfilling that, you will obtain the result of fully enjoying this sport. 

If you like an adrenaline rush, then this is the sport for you. MTB Enduro Cycling was born in 1976 in California, USA, thanks to the fun of a group of friends who competed against each other to see who could get down the mountain the fastest. It's still the same today, but in an evolved way; it's no coincidence that its name comes from the English word "endurance", meaning "resistance", as the sport is based on cycling on all-mountain terrain. 

The routes are divided into stages that can last from 2 to 20 minutes; the total race distance can range from 10 to 50 kilometers. This style is mainly characterized by the enjoyment of downhill, which is common in speed cycling, so it is not uncommon for many downhills to be the same distance as the uphill. 

In order to perform any exercise correctly and safely, there are a few things you need to know that will make your experience more satisfying, and in this article, we're here to tell you some tips and guides.

Physical training

First things first, in this discipline, the most important thing is resistance, even taking precedence over speed. The most common thing is usually having to endure several hours of pedaling and being able to overcome long inclines.

Moderate speed on descents

What you should always keep in mind is that the rear brake is the one that moderates the speed, since the front brake completely stops the bike.

It is recommended that you touch the rear brake gently on the descents, without forgetting to keep looking closely at the surroundings in case you have any obstacles along the way.

Never go out alone

Enduro is a sport that provides many falls, therefore, you should always go accompanied. Ideally, the person who accompanies you is not a beginner like you, but someone who has experience and can guide you and give you the best advice.

Always protect yourself

Helmet, knee and elbow pads, are mandatory in this practice. They are not of any type, they are specific to this sport. While it may not be as exciting as buying your first e-bike, it is very important that you choose the right e-bike helmet. Remember, protecting your head should be a priority. Therefore, avoid cheaper helmets of lower quality; for enduro, they are usually more opaque and therefore heavier, with less ventilation, and very often they have to be one piece in case they are explicitly needed for the race.

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Avoid jumping

What we all like and release the most is jumping. But from Magicycle we recommend you practice this on a Pump Track, for example, before jumping on rocks.

As a general rule, and to avoid a hard fall and possible injury, if there is a loophole to the jump, use it. Otherwise, you will have to moderate the speed with the rear brake without reducing it excessively from about 10 meters before reaching the jump.

Relax and enjoy

Do not approach the slopes with fear or with stiff muscles. Let the bike roll, keeping your grip on the handlebars and always looking straight ahead so you can get ahead of obstacles.

If you follow these tips, and more than Enduro practitioners will give you, you will get good handling and ease in this discipline.

Magicycle recommends that you always go protected and well-equipped. We have the best Enduro e-bikes that you can buy online without having to go to our physical store.

If you need any information you can contact us at +1 213 900 7090 or support@magicyclebike.com.

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