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Is a Full Suspension Ebike Better for Your Back?

Riding an ebike has become a popular form of exercise. More and more people are joining in. Are you suffering from back pain because you bought an unsuitable ebike?

There are many different types of ebikes on the market today. As riders demand more and more comfort from their ebikes, a full-suspension ebike has emerged on the market.

So is a full-suspension e-bike better for your back? The answer is, of course, yes. For people with a bad back, a full suspension ebike is the best bike. As you ride, its full suspension system allows for a smoother ride, thus reducing the vibration and stress on your back.

What is a full suspension ebike

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If you are looking for an ebike for sale that will help relieve back pain, then a full suspension ebike would be ideal for you. Since a full suspension ebike has an extra rear suspension than a hardtail ebike, it minimizes the bumps and shocks of riding.

With the full suspension ebike, your back won't have to take the shocks of rocks and the bumps of trails. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride even after a long ride. Isn't that what makes your ride so much fun?

In addition, if you love to ride an ebike on rough terrain, a full suspension ebike can provide smoothness and stability to you. Its full suspension system provides you with excellent traction and grip. So you can easily control the bike on rough terrain and enjoy your ride.

The main cause of back pain when riding

Do you often complain about your back pain after a ride? But riding is what you do for fun, and you don't want to give it up. Let's take a look at what's causing your back pain. Typically, the causes of back pain are related to saddle height, road shock, and riding position.

Saddle height

The first cause of back pain is saddle height. When trying to get more effective pedaling, many riders lift their saddle too high. If your saddle is too high, you'll be tilting your hips trying to reach the pedals every time you pedal. This tilt will force the muscles in your back to do the work that the muscles in your legs should be doing. Inevitably, your back will be under more pressure.

Therefore, the saddle height will have an impact on your riding comfort. Before riding, it is especially important to adjust your bike saddle. When you sit on the bike, you need to make sure your legs can be fully extended while keeping your hips level. If you find that you can't fully extend your legs, then you need to raise your seat. But if you need to tilt your hips to reach the bottom of the pedal, then you need to lower it.

Road shock

Road shock can also cause back discomfort. When riding, small bumps in the road usually transmit vibrations through the bike to your body. After a long ride, this constant vibration can fatigue the muscles in your back, causing soreness in your back. If you want to reduce bumps in your ride, there are actually a lot of solutions, such as using fat tires, adding suspension seat posts, or using a full suspension system.

Fat tire electric bikes increase the contact between the tires and the ground, which helps you absorb bumps in the road. They will not only make your ride more comfortable but will also keep you riding safely. Adding a suspension seat post absorbs vibrations before they reach you. This way you don't need to worry about road shock. The last one is to choose an ebike with full suspension like the Magicycle Deer. With front suspension and rear suspension, this will certainly also greatly enhance your riding comfort as well as reduce the stress on your back.

Riding position

The final cause of back pain may stem from your riding position. Wrong riding positions and lack of flexibility often force excessive tension on the back muscles and exacerbate the pain, especially on long rides. When riding an ebike, you can frequently change your riding positions to avoid accumulating back stress in one position.

If you feel back pain, you can find the best riding position for you by leaning forward or backward in an appropriate manner. Everyone's riding position is different, we have no way to tell you the correct riding position. You can only find the best riding position for you by constantly adjusting.

Benefits of full suspension ebike

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You won't be disappointed when you choose a full-suspension electric bike! There are still many advantages to choosing a full-suspension ebike compared to other ebikes, especially for those who suffer from back pain. Next, let's see what benefits it has.

Easier riding

Full-suspension ebikes are not only easier to ride but require less effort. With a powerful motor, it can help you traverse many terrains such as gravel, loose dirt, hills, or other uneven terrains. Its full suspension not only makes your ride smoother but also keeps you safe when riding in rough terrain.

Moreover thanks to additional traction and shock absorption, full-suspension ebikes allow the rider to reach and maintain higher speeds on rough trails. So they don't lose their momentum because they are on a rough trail. This cannot be achieved on other ebikes. An electric bike that is easy to ride and fast is still beneficial for people with back pain, and you can enjoy not only the ease of riding but also the thrill of speed it gives you.

Greater comfort

The suspension system acts as the main shock absorber for the ebike, reducing the overall stress you feel when riding over rough terrain. Bumps caused by uneven terrain will be absorbed by these suspension systems and not transmitted to your back. So when you ride over rough terrain, your back doesn't need to take much strain either.

Suspension systems also typically improve the bike's traction and keep both tires in contact with the ground, so you can enjoy a smoother ride while riding. For those who like to ride long distances, its full suspension system not only keeps your ride stable but also provides you with a comfortable riding experience.

Absorb impact

The full suspension ebike has both front fork suspension and rear suspension. With both suspensions working together, your ebike can absorb most of the vibrations from rocks and uneven terrain. So it smoothes out the bumps on the trail, thus reducing vibration and stress on your back.

With excellent shock absorption, you can enjoy the best comfort even on hilly or uneven roads. If you already have back problems, but you still enjoy cycling, it's important to find a full-suspension ebike that minimizes your back pain and enhances your cycling experience.

Best full suspension ebike for pain relief

With the increasing popularity of full-suspension ebikes, various brands of full-suspension ebikes are available in the market. With so many brands of full-suspension ebikes on the market, you may have a hard time deciding which one is best for you. In fact, no matter which brand of full-suspension e-bike you choose, you can enjoy a more comfortable riding experience than a regular ebike, especially on downhill riding and trail riding.

If you want a full suspension e-bike that's better for your back, Magicycle has the right ebike for you. We are about to launch a brand new electric mountain bike. This is an ebike with an independent suspension system for both front and rear wheels, which will greatly increase your riding comfort. With these two suspension systems, your back pain will also be relieved. It is also equipped with a powerful motor and a high-capacity battery that will extend your riding range.

Tips to help back pain on your ebike

1. If you want to ride an ebike without worrying about back pain, it's important to understand how to relieve back pain. Here are some tips to help your back pain. Let's take a look!

2. Warm up with 5 minutes of walking and dynamic stretching before the ride.

3. Adjust your saddle height as needed to maximize riding comfort.

4. Change your riding position occasionally while riding to distribute some of the stress to your arms.

5. Use of shock-absorbing accessories such as suspension seat posts, full suspension systems, and fat tires.


In short, a full suspension ebike is the best ebike for people with back pain. With it, you will be able to enjoy the fun of riding again. If you are looking for a high-quality and comfortable ebike that can handle many rough terrains, a full suspension ebike is definitely worth considering.

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