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A Buyer's Guide to Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes

If you're looking for a mountain electric bike, chances are you'll be faced with the decision to buy an electric mountain bike with suspension. The type of suspension on an electric mountain bike will have an impact on the bike's control, traction, and comfort, not to mention how fun it is to ride.

If you want a more comfortable riding experience, then a full-suspension electric mountain bike is perfect for you. Its full suspension system helps you absorb bumps along the way, providing more comfort and control. We know that buying a full-suspension electric mountain bike can be a difficult decision, but our buying guide will help you make the right decision.

What is a full-suspension electric mountain bike?

A full-suspension electric mountain bike has both front and rear suspension to improve comfort and handling. The rear wheel of a full-suspension electric mountain bike sticks perfectly to the ground, no matter what terrain you're driving on. This type of electric mountain bike is especially suited for rough and steep downhill terrain.

With the full suspension, it helps you absorb the bumps and makes it easier to maintain control of your ebike in any situation. The full suspension system improves grip, traction, and control over rougher terrain, which in turn creates a more enjoyable riding experience. With such an electric mountain bike, you will feel safer and more confident in dealing with rough terrain.

Advantages of full suspension mountain ebike

If you enjoy taking rough roads on your mountain adventures, then you'll feel the advantages of using a full-suspension electric mountain bike. Full-suspension mountain ebikes offer superior safety and comfort on rough terrain. Two suspensions bring the bike into closer contact with the ground, eliminating the effects of impact when you hit anything on the trail. You’ll benefit from a full-suspension mountain bike if you:

Intend to ride on steep hills: A full-suspension electric mountain bike will be faster going downhill on steep hills because the rear suspension absorbs the shock and your rear wheel won't bounce off the ground, which will make it more stable. The combination of front and rear suspension creates a smoother ride with better traction and handling for more fun riding on steep hills.

Want a more comfortable ride: The suspension absorbs bumps and vibrations from the ground and avoids transmitting them to your body, back, and butt. This means you won't be as tired and can enjoy a more comfortable ride. The comfort helps reduce fatigue and allows you to take on longer distances faster and with greater ease.

Need for more speed: A full-suspension electric mountain bike allows you to ride faster on very rough terrain because the rear suspension absorbs the impact of your hitting a rock or other uneven surface. The rear suspension system also allows the rear wheel to remain in contact with the ground, and it maintains better traction and stability even when you're riding at high speeds over bumpy terrain.

How much suspension travel do you need?

electric mountain bike

The suspension travel on an electric mountain bike will depend on the type of E-MTB. We all know that there are two types of electric mountain bikes, full suspension mountain ebike (also called full suspension electric mountain bike) and hardtail mountain ebike. More suspension travel usually increases traction and grip when you're going downhill through rough terrain. Less travel usually means that the bike is more efficient on climbs. So how much suspension travel do you need?

Hardtail mountain ebike suspension

Hardtail electric mountain bikes have suspension on the front wheel only. They have suspension travel generally between 80mm and 100mm. This helps a lot in absorbing the bumps and vibrations of the terrain. With its rigid rear end and lighter frame, the hardtail electric mountain bike is perfect for climbing. It can help you climb steep hills quickly and has good handling. A good hardtail mountain ebike is suitable for riding on most mountain trails. If you prefer an ebike with great climbing ability, a hardtail electric mountain bike can be the ideal choice for you.

Full suspension mountain ebike suspension

A full suspension electric mountain bikes have both front fork suspension and rear suspension shocks. Generally, it has the same front shock travel as a hardtail electric mountain bike, between 80mm and 100mm, while the rear shock travel is between 80mm and 120mm. Magicycle Deer has 80mm of fork suspension travel and 83mm of rear suspension travel. Working together, these two suspensions absorb most of the bumps from rocky and uneven terrain and the vibrations that come with it. If you own a full-suspension mountain ebike like Magicycle Deer, you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

A full suspension also typically improves traction, control, and handling, especially on lumpy descents, as the suspension keeps the tires in contact with the ground. For those riders looking for more demanding trails, the full suspension electric mountain bike is perfect for you. Its full suspension system can give you a different riding experience.

Which full-suspension mountain ebike is best

With the popularity of full-suspension electric mountain bikes, many brands have appeared in the market. Each brand of full-suspension mountain ebike has its own advantages. Among the better full-suspension ebikes are the Giant Stance E+2 and the Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XTR. Both of these full-suspension ebikes are loved for their ability to provide a more comfortable riding experience. If you plan to purchase a full-suspension mountain ebike, Magicycle Deer is also a good choice for you.

The team at Magicycle has been working hard to provide an exciting new model for everyone. The all-new Magicycle Deer is an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend, equipped with full suspension and an upgrade solid frame. With a full suspension design and improved suspension, we have built our most powerful ebike to date. Let's take a deeper look at this full-suspension ebike.

Full suspension: For maximum comfort, the Deer uses the full suspension system, which has a front fork suspension as well as a rear suspension shock. Its full suspension system effectively filters out bumps in the road, giving you a comfortable ride on even the most extreme terrain.

Long distance range: The deer is equipped with a 750W motor and a 52V 20Ah battery. The powerful motor gives you plenty of power, and the large-capacity battery gives you a longer range. With it, you can ride farther at ease and enjoy the pleasure of long-distance travel. If you want an ebike for sale that covers a long distance, it's for you.

Puncture Resistant Fat tire: The deer has puncture-resistant fat tires that not only increase the traction and grip but also provide safety for your ride. So, with this fat tire electric bike, you can enjoy a smooth ride. In addition, based on high-quality tires, it also enables you to conquer a variety of terrain, including forest roads, beaches, off-road trails, and more.

Why full suspension ebike more expensive

The most obvious reason is that full-suspension ebikes require more components and a higher level of design and manufacturing. This means that bikes typically cost more to produce and, therefore, they cost more to buy. Although full-suspension ebikes are more expensive than other ebikes, they are worth it for a long-term investment like a full-suspension ebike. After all, a safe and comfortable ride is another form of investment when it comes to enjoying the joys of an electric mountain bike. Additionally, full-suspension ebikes tend to have features that make them stand out from other types of electric bikes for adults, such as better shock absorption or a more comfortable riding experience.

Alternative: the hardtail ebike

army green hardtail ebike

If you are on a budget, a hardtail ebike is a good choice for you as well. It typically weighs less than a full suspension ebike because of its simpler design and fewer parts. If your riding terrain includes a lot of climbing or long distance, less weight is also a good thing. The hardtail ebike is also easy to repair and requires less maintenance. You can spend less time fixing your bike and more time out riding the trails. Although its shock absorption performance is not as good as that of a full suspension ebike, you can still enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

In the end, only you can decide what kind of electric mountain bike is best for you. At Magicycle, our goal is to introduce everyone to all the advantages of the options available to them. You can make the decision that best suits you based on the advantages you tend to have. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a Magicycle ebike of your own, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Also, we got another ebikes buying guide, please check it out if you are interested.

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