May 26,2023

Hardtail Ebikes: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Riding A Hardtail Electric Bike

The ebike industry has been expanding incredibly since people are changing their ways of transportation. When we try to look back, we find it surprising that there are a variety of electric bikes created. For those who take ebikes as a tool for daily commuting, ebike manufacturers produce commuting ebikes, which are normally equipped with thin tires and a light frame to ensure relaxing and light ebike rides. For those who are in favor of excitement and adventure, electric mountain bikes are built to give riders a wonderful experience with the help of fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, hydraulic suspensions, and more.

Generally, electric mountain bikes are of high quality to ensure riders’ safety. And when it comes to emtbs, there are two words you may be familiar with. One is a hardtail ebike while the other one is a ebike. Those electric mountain ebikes with only one suspension are called hardtail ebikes while others with full suspension are ebikes. And our topic today, as you can see from the title, is all about hardtail ebikes. While riding hardtail ebikes, people tend to make some common mistakes that we do as well. So in this article, we are going to provide a few pointers on how to eliminate all these mistakes.

What Is A Hardtail Ebike?

Hardtail ebikes with a car rack

Maybe you are not clear about what they are, and we will tell you exactly. In general, they are no different from regular electric bikes. What we call hardtail ebikes are usually equipped with a suspension fork up front without rear suspension. They are called “hardtails” as their back frames are kind of rigid. Considering their light weight and lower price, they are still a popular choice among emtb riders.

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Riding a Hardtail Ebike

1. Body Position on Hardtail Ebikes

One of the biggest mistakes that you can do is having the wrong body position while riding hardtail ebikes. We’ve seen a lot of ebike riders out there rigid as a rake. It’s true that many people ride stiffly and are a bit nervous about what’s coming up next because they are riding a hardtail ebike and can feel every bump in the trail. You want to be a little bit more flamboyant and let your hardtail ebike move around.

The best way to get your body to move around that ebike is by lowering that saddle as low as possible. This is going to help your body get way better around the four quadrants of your hardtail ebikes. Also, you need to use your arms as much as possible to absorb all that impact, like you are bouncing around. Trust me, it is going to pay off, especially when you are riding hardtail ebikes on a rough trail.

2. Braking on Hardtail Ebikes at a Bad Time

When it comes to braking on a hardtail, it can be quite hard as you need to try to find some grip, especially on trails that are full of turns and banks. This kind of trail tends to be steep and technical. To brake under this circumstance, you don’t want to do that on hard stuff as you are not going to slow down effectively. That’s because your back wheels are going to bounce all over the place and lose grip, especially when the rocks get wet, which gets horribly slippery. Therefore, you’ve got to brake before all of these.

3. Climbing on Hardtail Ebikes in the Wrong Way

Using hardtail bikes is the most efficient way to transfer that power down to wheels, and it is still a great way for climbing as well. However, when it comes to it, people always make the mistake of riding in the wrong body position, especially on steep slopes and terrain. Sometimes you may find yourself losing grip on the rear wheels while climbing on a hardtail ebike, and that is because you stand up and all the weights are distributed to the front part.

To get the maximum and balanced grip, you need to sit back a little bit on your saddle, but you don’t have to do that too much in case the front of your hardtail ebikes lifts up. We know it is kind of tough to understand how it works. In our opinion, the only and the most effective way to climb hills on hardtail ebikes is practice. Practice makes perfect. During that, you need to be fully prepared with all kinds of protective gear, like helmets and knee pads.

4. Never Check out Components of Your Hardtail Ebikes

White Step Thru Hardtail Ebike

Believe it or not, those who purchase hardtail bikes prefer riding on mountain bike trails, just like what we usually do on electric mountain bikes. In this case, there is no doubt that you need to pay more attention to the components of your hardtail ebikes. Let us tell you why by narrating one of our experiences.

Once we rode out on our hardtail ebikes without checking out anything, and we found out the screws on the kickstand were getting loose, and finally, the kickstand just fell apart, which was really dangerous if it affects drivers behind us. What if it is not the kickstand but the wheels that get loose and fall apart? It sounds dangerous enough, doesn’t it?

Moreover, just like I said above, hardtail ebikes are always applied on mountain bike trails where the components of your ebikes can be affected greatly. Therefore, before e-mountain biking, you’d better check out every part of your electric bikes for adults.

The first step, you can take a look at all the screws to make sure they are tight and firm. Then, check out if you got the correct air pressure, or if the brakes work perfectly. If needed, you should take some measures to maintain your hardtail ebikes. You can check out our blog about how to do ebike maintenance.

Final Words

Riding a hardtail ebike can bring you a lot of fun whether you are riding off-road or just for city commuting. To avoid those mistakes, your rides can be further improved. Hope these suggestions are helpful to you

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