May 26,2023

How to Choose an Electric Bike - 2022 Buying Guide

One of the hottest ways today to get around must be ebikes. There are models for every purpose, whether you’re commuting to work, taking a casual ride around the community, or traveling up hills, ebikes are a fast, safe, fun, and environment-friendly way to get around. If you are looking for a budget best electric bike for your lifestyle, we would like to give you some advice on the aspects you really need to consider. In this article, and it's all about teaching you how to find and choose the most suitable ebike for yourself.

Firstly, It is necessary to buy ebikes from name-brand companies, but you need to understand which brand is trustworthy. Ebikes with the best combination of features and value probably should be considered for someone who is not interested in showing their identity by the complicated functions and luxury design of their ebikes. In today’s  society, some people are deceived by the capitalist trick. Therefore, they think as if they are superior to others by wearing brand-name clothes. Just because our brand Magicycle is not as famous as ebike brands such as Rad Power, Aventon, and Himiway doesn't mean that we are inferior to them. What matters is attitude. Magicycle aims to manufacture the best products for all the customers and make our products affordable for everyone. The expensive ebikes are not necessarily better. Blindly obsessed with the brand without rational thinking might lead you to the consumerism trap. For those luxury products, they are not only selling the product but also the brand name. The point is not to appeal to you to buy those cheap ones to avoid spending unnecessarily but to find the balance between value and feature. You need to have rational thinking in order not to be frauded. 

Secondly, electric bikes are different in shape, size, and models. For example, there is a wide range from folding to the mountain to cargo ebikes to choose from. You need to narrow down the various options based on your own need. If you are a young man who is fond of nature and doing some outdoor activities like hunting, you can choose an all-terrain fat tire ebike with a high-quality battery and motor like Magicycle ones. With the combination of Magicycle's 52V powerful motor, large-capacity battery and fat tires, you can just use your ebike in any outdoor activity. If you are the elderly who would like to go out and exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy, and fat-tire ebike with a step-thru design, is relatively fit for you. For people who like hunting in the woods, an ebike with fat tires is stable and would not be punctured easily in the woods. The powerful motor and large-capacity battery can satisfy heavy energy needs. For seniors, a step-thru design would be very easy for them to step on the bike. Due to the degradation of physical performance, high speed may be dangerous for senior people. So for the safety of older people, ebikes with adjustable PAS are quite necessary.Magicycle has a 7-level pedal assist system, providing different choices for the elderly. If some seniors still want to expericnce the fast speed, they could switch to high gear, if not, low gear of PAS is also great and ensure their safety. For commuters, going to work by car is not economical, or convenient. Sometimes you are stuck in your car on the way to work in a traffic jam and it’s hard to find a place to park. An ebike is definitely the best choice. We can always guarantee you that Magicyle ebikes are the best commuter ebikes.

Thirdly, safety is the prior thing for people to consider when buying an ebike. Magicycle holds the faith that rider safety and ebike reliability are our priority. The cheapest ebikes are not recommended because they might not use reliable or replaceable parts in order to keep costs down. Components of an ebike such as battery and motor are very important for riders. Lithium batteries are common in ebike, but they might not be safe enough. They are very combustible and should be treated with a lot of respect and caution. Mistreatment of lithium batteries, such as overcharge, may cause them to fire. It’s hard to tell from looking at the battery and motor of the ebike whether they are good or not until you really use them. So, does Magicycle electric bike battery's 900 times long battery life attract you?
Fat tire ebike

In addition, some cheap ebikes with low-end hardware cannot even hold up to regular use. Some of the hardware may have potential problems, which on one hand is a threat to our safety on the other requires a lot to repair. The solution to avoid danger and trouble is to buy from companies with proven reputations, using name-brand hardware for the most important of the ebike. Luxury design or complicated functions cannot guarantee your safety, only high-grade batteries and motors can. Spend your money on the inside battery and motor, not on those flashy outside appearances or brand names. In addition, unlike Magicycle's 2-year warranty policy, cheap ebikes usually lack a warranty and customer support. Customer support is very necessary for ebike owners who ride more often and might need regular service and support. In order to avoid having a bad experience with an ebike, it is recommended that you buy from companies with solid warranties and good all-time service. Magicycle has a professional team for 24hrs after-sale service, always there for your questions and doubts, never absent.

Ebike is intended to improve our quality of life and simplify our life.The expensive ones does not mean the more it suits you. Finding the ebike based on your own need and budget, keeping your eyes open, and finally, you will find the most suitable ebike with the best combination of value and features for yourself. As Magicycle's brand value: Ride Free, Ride Fun.

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