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How Much Do You Have to Spend to Get a Good Ebike?

Thanks to the Internet, shopping could be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. (Of course, you should have money in your account.) When it comes to purchasing an electric bike, all you need to do is click on the buy button to place an order.

However, I have to say that purchasing a good electric bike is always that easy. You have a lot of things to reflect on if you are not to be cheated. Everyone wants to spend his money for the greatest value instead of being like: How can he get a better ebike than mine without paying the same price?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how we can spend wisely to get a good ebike.

How much do different ebikes cost?

In fact, the price of electric bikes can range from $1000 to $10,000, or even more. It is up to the materials that the bike is made of, including the motor, the battery, the frame, etc. We are not going to explain that price fluctuation based on the materials as it may be kind of complicated for you guys. Below I will walk you through different ebike models and tell you how much they can cost.

1. Folding Ebike

folding ebike

Folding electric bikes are entry-level ones. They are mainly designed to be foldable for easy transportation. In most situations, a folding ebike will not be used for any off-road riding or extreme moves. Instead, people love to use them for daily riding on city streets or just going around the neighborhood. Normally, the price of a folding ebike could be between $1300 - $1600.

2. Electric Mountain Bikes

 full suspension electric mountain bike

Electric mountain bikes(or Emtbs) are a lot better than folding ebikes in terms of speed, power, range, etc as they are made for different purposes. When it comes to riding off-road on mountain bike trails or doing extremes, most people tend to choose electric mountain bikes or non-electric mountain bikes. They are always specially made to be sturdy, flexible, powerful, and faster. The price starts from $1700 to $2500.

3. Commuter Ebike

ebike commuter

Commuter ebikes target city commuters. They are usually light and stylish to make city commuting more enjoyable. Normally, they are equipped with less powerful motors(about 500W) and batteries of less capacity. A commuter can cost about $1000 - $1500.

The Hidden Cost of Owning an Ebike

As I said, the cost of purchasing an ebike is just part of the overall cost of owning one. You may have to prepare for some other additional expenditure, which can vary depending on how you use your ebikes. See different additional costs below:

1. Maintenance Costs

Electric bikes need regular maintenance, just like any other vehicle. This aims to ensure a good working condition. The cost of maintaining an ebike can be different for many riders, and many factors are involved, including the ebike models you have, how long you have used them, where you ride them, etc.

Besides professional maintenance, some of the basic ones could be: inflating your bike tires while it is needed, cleaning the bikes after riding off-road, adjusting brake cables, and so on. Much ebike maintenance can be done at home with tools, but some kinds of maintenance need specific expertise. In this case, you may have to turn to local bike shops for help. Most bike shops will charge you while the shop where you bought your ebikes will not.

To learn more about ebike maintenance, you could easily check out Magicycle blogs here.

2. Replacement Costs

No matter how sturdy an electric bike is built, its components will have to be replaced one day. It could be the battery, the saddles, the seat posts, and many other components. These replacements require additional cost.

Usually, some little components, like front lights and cranks, don’t cost much. When it comes to a replacement battery or motor, you may need to spend around $1000 or more. The lifespan of your ebikes can be various. If you are planning to get an ebike, be sure to consider a brand-name one such as Magicycle.

The overall cost of replacements can be from $400 to $1000. And this number can possibly increase as your bikes get older as well.

3. Insurance Costs

Purchasing an ebike is quite a big investment. The average price of an ebike could be $1800 or more. Unfortunately, ebike thefts happen all the time, which is terrible. To avoid such things, it is a great idea to pay for the insurance. This can cost about $100 per year to cover your ebikes.

Of course, ebike insurance is not always necessary for those who place their ebikes in their houses. You can make your own choice based on your own needs.

Final Words

In general, you could spend more than you expect on an electric bike. However, one important thing is that you must choose the right ebike brand. Magicycle has over 20 years of ebike manufacturing experience, which ensure the high quality of its electric bikes.

Also, Magicycle provides 24/7 customer service. The service team always stands by for any questions from customers. This is how Magicycle gains its popularity.

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