Giant VS Magicycle May 26,2023

Giant Reign E+2 VS Magicycle Ebike SUV

Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are perfect for all ages, and no matter if you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, you'll ensure a great time.

The market is filled with different models and designs and you might struggle to pick one or even begin to understand their composition, which is why we made this article.

In this post, we analyze two great electric mountain bikes: the Magicycle E-SUV and the Giant Reign E+2. After reading it, you’ll easily choose the best full-suspension electric mountain bike for you.

General Information About Both Electric Mountain Bikes

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A more capable electric mountain bike, the Magicycle E-SUV is ideal for all conditions and terrain. It can be employed in several settings and circumstances because it is a very adaptable model.

It is constructed from premium materials that consider the rider's safety and how to boost their performance without exerting too much effort. The bike has a strong built-in battery that provides excellent support whether you're riding on a paved road or challenging mountain terrain.

Even if you have knee issues, lack strength, or for any other reason, you can simply travel anywhere thanks to the power and pedal help.

Additionally, the Magicycle E-SUV has some of the strongest hydraulic disk brakes available on the market and fat tires for a pleasant ride anywhere.

The suspension system on the full-suspension electric bike is ideal for absorbing bumps along the road far better than you would do without such a system.

The Giant Reign E+2 is another full-suspension and high-performance e-mountain bike that is great for intermediate and advanced riders. It is made with quality materials and comes in various sizes for specific heights and weights.

This electric mountain bike will help you navigate the road without much effort as well as get anywhere you want.

Important Things About The Electric Mountain Bikes

After introducing both full-suspension electric mountain bikes, we’ll dive deep into the important things you should know about each one.

Whether you’re new to the electric mountain bike world or are an experienced rider, the following specifications can help you decide which bike to invest in.

Starting off with the Magicycle E-SUV, this e-mountain bike features a powerful motor of 750W/1000W and 96Nm and a 52V 20Ah LG lithium battery. With this combination, you can use your bike for a long time before needing to charge it, as well as get anywhere you want in a matter of minutes.

Lithium batteries are currently some of the most reliable on the market for electric mountain bikes, and the E-SUV doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. As for tires, the Magicycle E-SUV comes with Kenda 26"x 4.0" fat tires, ideal for all types of terrain where you need support and stability.

The Reign E+2 features a Yamaha motor of 85Nm and a 625Wh EnergyPak battery. Here you can easily distinguish the differences with the E-SUV, in which the Reign E+2 doesn’t provide as much power. Finally, the Reign E+2 comes with 27.5" tires, very similar to the E-SUV ones.

Choosing The Best Electric Mountain Bike For Your Goals & Budget

A few things you should consider when deciding which electric mountain bike to invest in, include your goals with the bike, your budget, the specifications of each model, and more.

In this case, if you’re looking for a great electric mountain bike that you can use both for going to work and discovering new places on uneven terrain, perhaps the Magicycle E-SUV might be best for you. Once you have clear goals, it becomes easier to select a full-suspension electric mountain bike.

If we talk about price, the Reign E+2 Ranges from $5,300 up to $6,200, depending on the website you choose to buy it. Whereas, the Magicycle E-SUV has a fixed price that is way more affordable.

Specifications are another aspect to consider, and you don’t need to be an expert at e-mountain bikes to understand what they mean. The most important things are the motor, battery, suspension system, and tires, apart from other additions like bike lights, LCD display, etc.

Comparing the two electric bikes for adults, the Magicycle E-SUV features a slightly enhanced model, and for the affordable price, it comes out as the winner. Plus, the E-SUV comes with support where you can put a toddler seat and ride around with your kid.

The quality of the materials of each bike is key for determining which one to invest in. The Magicycle E-SUV is made with top-class components that have been thoroughly tested over and over again to ensure safety and efficiency.

Finally, we advise you to take a look at both manufacturers and their backgrounds just to have a look at their factories and how they design and produce their bikes, as well as their customer support and communications channel.

This is key to avoid possible inconveniences or, in case something happens, you have someone qualified to talk to and someone that can give you a solution fast.

Final Words

In this post, we compared two great electric bike models: the Giant Reign E+2 and the Magicycle E-SUV. We shared key information about their composition, design, performance, and price so you can easily determine which bike is best for you.

If we take everything into account, the Magicycle E-SUV shows to be the best full-suspension mountain bike for beginners and experienced riders.

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We also encourage you to discover our incredible community of riders and our blog for more informational posts like this one.

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